Bangers: Vogue Italia Gives It Up For The Black Beauties!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Props to Vogue Italia! The May 2011 features up and coming models like Jeneil Williams, Lily Taylor, R’el Dade, and Ariel Meredith in a tribute to “Black Beauties.” Photographed by Ellen von Unwerth and styled by Giulio Martinelli, this is definitely a can’t miss moment in fashion.

Here is what fashion editor, Claire Sulmers wrote to accompany the article:

With bright eyes peering out under deliciously curled lashes, cheekbones and jawbones contoured as if chiseled from sharp stone, full noses, and sumptuously lush lips, black women are unquestionably beautiful.

A tribute is due to the woman whose skin tone ranges from alabaster to mahogany to smooth onyx, who can flawlessly carry any makeup look—from gold dusted lids to fuchsia blush to ripe purple and pink glosses. These pages pay homage to the versatile woman whose hair can oscillate from a tightly coiled and coifed Afro, to sleek layers, to a slicked back pixie cut in a matter of minutes. To the divine woman whose enviably full lips, strong, white teeth, and delightful smile have been known to electrify the hearts of many. To the siren whose smooth, velvety skin blocks the sun yet remains supple and unblemished with the passage of time.
Variable and diverse, black beauty escapes simple classification. But no matter the incarnation—whether the color of molasses, café au lait, bronze, tan, or tinged like desert sand—black beauties radiate with poise and multidimensional splendor.

Check out more from the spread when you continue…

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  • Uhh yeah ok

    Kissed by the Sun, MUAH!

  • GHUK Flav

    This is a great article! I would like to see black people men & women, love themselves too – from the darkest to the lightest of skins, we are all beautiful. It’s time to put aside your insecurites and realise that.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    Hmmmmmm ….

  • harlemqueen

    Is that all you could find? They all seem to have the same style.
    Where is the variety?
    Why are most of them wearing wigs?
    Give me a break!

    • harlemqueen

      According to the following topic posted yesterday:

      Ballers: Which Model Made $45 Million This Year???

      There was at least eleven pages with a variety of models.

      I’m not impressed.

  • always

    Obviously european perception of black beauty is different then americans. Black is beautiful

  • &&&WHAT

    Love it! and Vogue Italia celebrating black beauties is a big thing! its s nice touch for the fashion industry! especially in such a magazine!

  • keebler mf elf

    Those ladies are hot!!!

  • Ben


  • uknoitsromaro

    lmao at these comments, some of them anyway

  • sha

    I though it was nice, fun and summery! I will always love the many shades of “we” and larger than life kinky hair real or fake. 🙂

  • Jahzeel


  • Cherie

    I don’t know why half of you people bother to’s always negative!! jesus. It’s either the racists aka palest latina and co talking nonsense or ignorant comments by fellow black people.
    For years I thought that America was the place to be!!!..especially as a black person born and raised in Europe. Apart from MUSIC America is stuck in the past!! especially where race is concerned.

  • devotee86

    They remind me of the S.I.S. Barbies that came out

  • The proper

    They all look so lovely. Claire Sulmers a beautiful woman her self, she made a nice summary/statement. There are black companies but they worship more of the beauty of mainstream celebrity women, that goes for everyone. America especially out of the western is over dosed in pop culture and full of it. There was a study done on the island of Fiji. T.V’s didn’t come to Fiji until the 90’s and now it shows that small girls and women are having more image problems due to that. No one really needs media, it’s brainwash. Media is what go us to the point of having to sell the way we naturally look. People should all let go instead of feeding into the ignorance. #born this way.

  • jay

    u see how they went ahead and dress thos.e girls, no tase for fashion what so ever

  • ok

    This is kind of insulting. Why not just include more black models into the fashion world and magazine spreads. Why make an issue dedicated to ‘black beauty’ as if it’s some foreign concept or not normal.

  • The Beautiful One

    Hated it!! TASTELESS!! It’s terrible, TACKY, everything is just terrible.. I can’t take this seriously, it’s like they’re mocking black people. UGH!

  • blackscome1st

    Is afro coming back? Yes, I’m bout to get ready for that. 🙂

  • reallY

    THis spread is some absolute bull! This goes to show that our beauty threatens theirs! Why are these models shucking and jiving?! Im going to need real high fashion for me to feel that theyve realized that we are just as beautiful. Everyone is beautiful but they get away with making a mockery of our people and expect us to be pacified only because theyve included us in a issue. I mean afros? REALLY? GIRL BYE!

  • xoxo's frombklyn,biiitch


  • Just sayin'

    Who are these people? I can’t stand Italian’s/Italy.

  • Cake

    Real Italians who live in Italy really adore black women and men. The Corsicans and Sardians are the same. Google map `em. They`re in the center of Africa and Europe.


    The wedges are SICK

    • love me a trini


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