You Mad? Celebrities That Throw The Biggest Tantrums

- By Bossip Staff

Momma always said you don’t get what you want by crying about it. Apparently these 10 celebrities never heard that rule. Let’s take a look at some stars that need some anger management…and a bib.

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  • Loli

    I got to say….Kanye is the biggest whinner there for sure……am let you finish…am let you finish but kanye…you the biggest whinner ever!!!!

  • ohyesthetruth

    Lil Kim looks hideous! Somebody should tell her to invest in makeup because natural beauty isn’t for everyone.

  • Louisianimal

    you left off reggie bush…

  • JaYe

    LMFAO….Now Which One Of The Wayans Brothers Did They Hire This Time To Pose For This Lil Kim Picture??…SMDH….

  • RogueB

    I know yall heard about Nene dating Al Reynolds AKA Star’s ex husband!!!! She may have lost the battle but she may be winning the war!!!

    WAIT!!! I thought Al was gay??? So she divorced a man who wore her hills and had B***h fits with her “Gay husband” D-Right? I guess Ms Leakes really does “LOVE her gays. Well I guess she lost the war too.

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