Rumor Control: One-Time Confirms Bobbi Kristina Was Involved In An ‘Incident,’ But…

- By Bossip Staff

Sometimes, statements that are supposed to shut down rumors just make matters worse.

A Roswell, GA police officer has confirmed that Bobbi Kristina Brown was involved in some hoodrat sh*t with her hoodrat friends last month. But what he was trying to let us know was that she was never arrested.

Bobbi Kristina was part of an incident involving two groups of teenagers about three weeks ago, McGee said. A gun was involved, but no shots were fired. The whole thing may have started as the result of problems between a boyfriend and girlfriend, McGee said.

“By the time officers arrived, everything had calmed down,” McGee said Monday night. “She was there, but she wasn’t issued a citation. Nobody was taken into custody.”

Citations were issued for the gun and underage drinking, but Bobbi Kristina did not receive one, he said. Those who were cited will have to answer the charges in court.

Maybe it’s just us, but that statement raises more questions than it answers. Like, what are the chances that the Krissy we’ve come to know and love would be in a room with underage drinking but not have a cup?

Where are her grandparents? (Cuz we all know the parents are worthless in this situation.)


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  • Uhh...Eew

    that poor child …BLECK!

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  • cmp2010

    shes unfortunate looking

    • Tee


    • AMBER

      she looks like a character from ” DOUG”

    • lilbabiphat2004


      Awwww that was hilarious!!! That comment has offically started my day thanks!!

    • G.M.

      lmao @ Amber, he11 yeah she do…”DOUG” was my sh1t back in the day

    • Uhh...Eew

      LMAO “unfortunate looking” that’s what i was tryina say without bein too mean but Jeeeze-sus

    • PRE

      dayum, that was funny…very well stated…i’m cracking up right now…

    • Lolli

      ugly as sin, but im dead at the doug comment, jesus take m higher, lmfao!!! bobby b got some potent genes… damn!

  • Palest Latina

    She looks terrible in that picture. Two African Americans can not make cute kids.

    • LOL

      two hispanics can’t make cute kids even if they tried.

    • mikki

      Why does she look like WANDA in this picture!!?

  • rumblingjunkie

    she gets it from her mama

  • Ralph T

    She is not an attractive girl, looking like a uglier version of Bobby.


    i hope all of this drama blows over for bobbi kris. as a fellow piscean, i get her so i know that she can rebound and still do great things. she should take a page from her dad who has totally changed his life, u know? she’ll be alright.

  • JayJay Growlings

    an ugly drug-head skank with celeb druggie parents…. smh… another hollywierd story..

  • tb

    That is one ugly arse girl. My goodness. I just don’t understand how she has such a beautiful mother and look like that. Ladies, don’t have kids with ugly men. Your kids will look like this. Yuck!

  • Shaun

    You people are disgusting for calling her names. No one asked for ur commentary on her looks. Post pics of urselves then talk; otherwise, stfu.

  • confidently_ugly

    name calling is so juvenile ….I hope these are kids (although it wouldnt make it any better)makin these foul comments. As far as looks goes “you work with what youre given” she is doing a good job

    • confidently_ugly


  • @Fuschialuv

    she is not an ugly girl, this is just a bad pic, in other pics on media take out , she looks a lot lighter and nice looking.

  • slimegirl

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  • #justsayin

    she’s not ugly…she just looks like her daddy.

    • JayJay Growlings

      …who is an ugly man!!!

  • ItsWhatever

    ……….maybe she should take some of that crack money and get her liberty bell nose narrowed down.

  • greeneyes

    @Palest Latina where you live internet gangster… know you would not say that to black person face

  • Queen R

    I’m sorry! But she needs a ose job!

  • Queen R

    I Meant NOSE job!

  • Mz Goody

    Next celebrity couple baby who will look just like this or even worse is Beyonce and JZ i cant wait to see that one

  • Houston's Finest

    I don’t like to talk about people, BUT this child is Pitiful! And that only makes her looks even UGLIER!

  • JM@gic(Trini Boy for Life)

    Did that Puppy face,Poop on someones lawn…..this chick has a ton of issues,mom still on crack,pops is Bobby Brown enough said

  • Hebew92

    0h love don’t pay @Palest Latina any mind, she’s a silly trollop 😀

  • meme1

    No she look like qbert….cute girl otherwise.

  • meme1

    I think thats why she act out as so many people call her ugly. I know that has to hurt her feelings. She is not ugly at all.

    • Uhh...Eew

      ok bein unrealistically nice is one thing, but now you’re just lyin that’s worse than just being honest

  • meme1

    Now, Flavor Flav is ugly.

  • Steelcitychick

    Funny how she happens to have traditionally African features, but you self-hating negros on this site think she needs to get herself a more European nose to look better…..ya’ll some brainwashed mofo!

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