Hide Ya Ovaries: If You’re A Woman On Welfare, This Politician Wants To Tie Your Tubes

- By Bossip Staff

Want to know the solution to all of the world’s problems? Look no further than Louisiana Republican John Labruzzo. He’s got the answers to the world’s poverty issues. For all of those women out there that aren’t highly educated and live below the poverty line, Labruzzo is trying to propose a program that pays them $1,000 to get their tubes tied so they don’t procreate and make more babies that will grow up to cost the government more money on welfare. Brilliant!

To improve the gene pool even more, Labruzzo is trying to offer tax incentives to women with higher incomes who are college educated to encourage them to have babies so we can have more smart, rich kids. This guy is a visionary.

For some reason, groups across the state are calling his plans racist, sexist and immoral. They’re clearly just sensitive.

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  • Lisa

    Hmmm think its a good idea tired of these lazy a** b*tches living off of my tax dollars. Healthy women sitting at home having all these d*mn kids by all these different men and usung the welfare system as their personal piggy bank. They need to get their lazy a**ses up and go find a job. If you want the government to take care of you then you need to live by their rules. PERIOD call it racist if you want but what does that say?

    • YourDelusional01

      Agreed!!! 100% CO-SIGN!!!

    • http://diaryofarionataylor.com Ariona Taylor

      Hey white boy! I went to college and as long as I can get some good dyck, I’ll reproduce like a lab rat.


    • nodoze

      It’s not really racist. There are more nonblacks on welfare than blacks. If he is being racist about it –it will backfire.

    • chichimao

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    • Sepia830

      And I would gladly hold them b*tches down while he did the tying.

    • Nysa

      You sound stupid and uneducated. What about a person like myself. I worked since I was I 14, paid taxes( I have enough points to retire) Was laid off while I was pregnant due to the down fall of the mortgage industry.I was left no choice to get in welfare. Now I’m a college grad. So now what?

    • DEELOC

      this is not good, that means no more MAURY….

  • Nic

    sounds like this republican really wants to be a democrat working for planned parenthood

    • beckytwg

      @Nic… U R 2 smart for your own good ;D

      @nodoze…. Truth is there ARE less “blacks” on welfare, in comparison, however percentage speaking its really HIGH to other races, a little lower than the “mexican pop” on the west coast albeit

  • Anti-BS

    i agree with the first statement if u damn well know you aint go no financial support then y the hell you gon bring kids in this world n expect the gov’t to take care of them. i know hoodrats that hav babies with different men and some of them are locked up so they can’t take care of them kids. get it 2gether ladies unless you making money out of a career job, y’all need to adopt to CHINA rule of two kids minimum

  • Really?

    i mean even if they did eliminate welfare, there isnt enough jobs for everybody… And besides, u can on stay on welfare for 5 years… Its not like they can stay on forever… And even if smart women got pregnant they still have to take off work for the first two years to bond with their baby… They have to have money coming in somehow…

    • Keep it Real

      Most working women don’t have the luxury of taking 2 years off to bond with their child. Obviously, welfare has given you a sense of entitlement.

    • (_Jasmine_)

      TWO YEARS TO BOND WITH YOUR CHILD AFTER GIVING BIRTH?????????????????????????????????? Are you kidding me?

    • Mrs. Rance

      I’m pissed. No one told me I was entitled to take two years off after I had my babies. Where they do that at?

    • Sepia830

      WTF? They can only stay on for 5 years AT A TIME. They beat the system by getting on and off. People need to wake up. We should be rioting in the streets about this b.s.

  • http://bossip.com what!

    i really dont have a problem with that plan. i mean….if you cant afford to take care of children, why keep having them? there are women who get pregnant STRICTLY to get welfare or to stay on it. now im not downing welfare b/c i was once on it, and it is very helpful..but the key is to not STAY on welfare, it is there to give you extra help until you can better care for yourself and kids. so hey why not give incentives for tying your tubes, this may actually make people want more from life other than, foodstamps, cheap housing

    • CutieReppinNY

      Where do you live because here in NY people live off welfare for generations. You must live in the UK where the employers actually give a damn about working mothers, because here in the US they get 6-8 weeks, if that.

  • MrTooReal

    Sounds like a good idea to me!

  • chicken little

    Where do I sign the petition?

  • None-ya

    We also send money overseas to poor countries. To stop them from having babies let’s give them AIDS or send poisoned water and food to orphans.


      You’re a Gay White Male with AIDS… aren’t you??? So sad:(

    • (_Jasmine_)

      Why would you say something so insensitive like that? SMH…

  • slimegirl

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Im down,where do I sign? I know of some women who have no intentions of working but plan to have babies by men they know dont have anything to offer. They get free houses then let lazy men live with them. They get food stamos and sell them to buy themselves something, taking food out of their own child’s mouths. These women sicken me and if you cany afford to take care of your own, tie your tubes, you worthless piece of fertilized egg.

  • Team nymphis

    it’s about time.and kill the babies who are already offspring of these triflin azz lazy unciviled beast.how the he’ll can your entire family tree be traced back to welfare


    Where do I vote YES for this!!!!

  • trying to help you see

    This site is horrible how can you agree with him.The real issue isnt poverty stricken women tubes its America denial the fact the healthcare in this country is still up for debate is beyond me the fact the low income schools have better gymnasium than schools. The reason why poor people stay poor is not a population problem its our government and how we use money on frivolous things and war instead facing the war at home . There is no instant fix to this problem there are lot of successful people that come from struggling mothers.The issue of why poor people stay poor is in the very core of what America is instead taking responbility for the mess this country has made let’s take it out on poor women .This is very immoral and wrong didn’t work for china wont work here pick up a sociology book it migh enlighten you idiots the government the problem not poor women

    • Me

      It still don’t make no sense to keep having children that you can’t afford. Who wants to subject a child to poverty when it can be avoided.

  • http://bossip.com what!

    @CutieReppinNY..uuummmm i think your comment was meant for really? b/c i dont know what ur talking about..lol. i gave her the side eye too when she was talking about taking 2 yrs off to bond with ur baby. huh!? O_o more like 2 months if that! lol

    • geemoenettie

      Your attitude is one the reasons we have so many issues with kids. Two years is NOT too long to take off to bond with your baby. Those years are very important. Other races figured that out already. It’s about time we figure it out too.

    • Cake

      @ geemonettie. Yes those 1st 2 yrs are very important. Europeans do it all the time with no fuss from their governments. They don`t pay a dime to have kids because they have universal health care. Us in the
      U.S. are late on many important issues in this day and time.

    • ololololol

      yah but europeans pay out the a.s.s. in taxes…americans would stop working if we started getting taxed that much

    • CutieReppinNY

      yeah, I must’ve clicked on the wrong reply link. But that girl must be on welfare if she can take two years off from work because I don’t know anyone who can do that.

  • WhoUfeelin

    He’s on to something, if you cant afford to have children why keep having them and giving the bill to other ppl to pay. Tie your tubes, keep your legs closed or get on some birth control and learn self respect for yourself.

  • Aspen

    I agreement ! Netur them hoez.

    • dgrrl

      damn, I can see that on a shirt, “neuter dem hoez” lmao

  • Tony

    run it….. no more baby machines…

  • Rita

    I think we all need to be a little more educated and a lot less influenced by what’s being said in the media.
    Take a look at how much money is actually allocated to welfare a year. If you round up, the percentage doesn’t even equal 1%.
    Try to find out where the rest of your tax dollars are going (government payroll, when you really brake down the numbers and fillow the money) eats up most of it.
    I agree something needs to be done with the way the world has been ran, but blaming the lazy, poor, ignorant women for all the worlds woes isn’t going to help anything. Its the rich,educated,powerful men that have made all these things they way they are.
    Maybe we should start attacking the real issue? I mean, if you really want to change something that is.
    I’m just saying.

  • tc

    Wow all you people who think this is okay I really hope you never lose your jobs and have to go on welfare…there are a lot of people who come from poverty stricken homes who grow up to be very successful members of society but I guess that doesn’t matter because if your mother is on welfare you’re a lost cause and don’t deserve to be born??? Wow. Now I kno there are people on welfare who take advantage of the system but if that’s the case y not crack down on habitual welfare users who do nothing to better themselves. Make the guidelines to receive welfare harder. But tying tubes? Really? That’s a very slippery slope. Wats next?…the reality is tying tubes pretty much non-reversible and in a land of supposed unlimited opportunity whose to say poverty stricken and uneducated today might not be college educated and successful 5yrs from now. That’s crazy. My parents had 6 kids and at one point or another were on welfare when times got hard. My father now is a college professor who has put all six of his kids through college. Good thing they didn’t make my mother tie her tubes. Smh this is just sad

    • Tony

      I was never on welfare… I lost both my parents at an early age, put myself through college, lost jobs before etc… I stayed active, was never lazy…. I have never asked or gotten a government had out…and never will… it’s really simple “activity breeds success” period…

    • (_Jasmine_)

      @ tc,
      Six children..?????? This is the perfect scenario for this. After having three kids a woman shouldn’t be having more if she can’t take care of herself, her husband, and her children…? Come on now…

      @ Tony, I know exactly what you mean….Nothing better than knowing you worked hard to get where you’re at even through all the struggles you’ve got to keep pushing…

    • CutieReppinNY

      This article said nothing about MAKING women get their tubes tied. It says they would offer a $1,000 incentive to those that would do it, which means they would choose to do so. Please read carefully before y’all start going on rants about issues that don’t exist.

  • noble

    You can’t pay people to get all up in their reproductive system; the government can’t pay people not to have babies. (On the flip side, neither can the government pay people TO have babies…) What an unethical mess. (That’s along the lines of why you can’t legally buy kidneys and hearts… You can’t buy and sell life…)

    • (_Jasmine_)

      But when you need a heart transplant, the hospital charges you an arm and leg for something that was donated to them…

    • ololololol

      at one point in the ’50s the indian government gave free radios to men if they got themselves sterilized

    • ololololol

      and im sure were all aware of chinas history of the one child policy? and on the other side, islamic leaders have a history of giving breaks to families for having more children (for military purposes).

  • CeCe

    @trying to help u see….. I feel u! It’s some ignorant people on here! And to think these are black people! They don’t see anything wrong with what this krakka is trying to propose! Yeah we may have people who live off of welfare but it’s all races that can take advantage of the system! This sh#t is not normal! Y’all need to pick up a book and read before y’all agree to somethin’ like this! Freakin’ idiots!

    • Natives Mom

      @ cece

      Agreed the ignorance is scary as hell but not surprising anymore..like I been saying its a wrap for us..dummies the lot of them….

  • igotdistc

    I agree 1 child on welfare is enough any more we (tax payers) should not be responsible for. Also they should look at the programs where they sign up for school (2hrs) per week and the state pay $240 a week in childcare. PLEASE DON’T GET ME STARTED!!!

  • Tony

    I’m with it 100%, I’m tired of the many lazy black women I see all the time, 4 kids all under 6 yrs old, with one on the way, 3 baby daddies, only the kids suffer, the kids get poor nutrition, cause she only feeds them sodas and chips just to keep them quite, the kids don’t get proper rest cause she up all night entertaining various dudes all through the night, oh and let’s not forget she let’s the neighborhood dope boy trap out of her apartment that she pays only $50 bucks a month for on section 8.. this has got to stop!!! Why do I sigh up!

    • Bella

      ummm stereo type much?? go play in traffic smh

    • Tony

      Did I hit a nerve?…. must make up a good percentage of your family..

    • (_Jasmine_)

      @ Bella, he wasn’t stereotyping, he stated, “I’m tired of the many lazy black women I see all the time”.

      I’m guessing he’s making an empirical statement…

  • bdimps

    i totally agree and i feel that is should be expanded, offer men sterilization as well. so they can stop hoe hopping and producing kids that they want take care of.

    • Tony

      Yep, neuter ‘Ray Ray’ and ‘pookie’ too…

  • Bella

    I agree with tc 100%

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