Keri Hilson Heads To Dinner With Homeless Da Don

- By Bossip Staff

Her name is Keri, she’s so very, fly oh my that guy is hairy… And scary! Polow Da Don has gotten so unrecognizable with his scruffy appearance that the paparazzi didn’t recognize him when they snapped him taking Keri to din-din at STK in West Hollyweird and just called him “mystery guy.” SMH! Can’t blame ’em too much, we would have mistook him for a bum had he not been totin’ that bottle of “FIJI” water and sportin’ them Jordans!

One thing is plain to see, Polow and Timbaland both been eatin’ good off Keri!!! Are you feelin’ her mixed print leggings and blazer getup?

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  • It's Me

    she is very pretty but NOT fine at all. Sorry Miss Kerri Baaaaby!!

    • chichimao

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  • Intrinsic Beauty

    @It’s Me: I agree totally. She has a gorgeous face but she is nowhere near fine.

  • dba

    Polow used to be so fine!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FukkYeahISaidIt

      You notice when he was all built and cut, he declared himself King of the White

      Now that he all fat and homely and shtt, he wanna be down with the sistas.

  • Roe

    DAMN!! He really has let himself go. And to think just 3 years ago he was muscular,buff, and fine as hell. WTF happened?

  • d

    having never gone platnum and her flop latest cd i doubt they making money off of her

  • phelaw

    My name is Keri, I’m so very, FAKE oh my, it’s a little bit scary…….

  • ololololol

    eww she needs a longer shirt to cover up the wide thigh/negative booty dent

    • QueensBoogie

      yeah if she’d had @least some booty meat the outfit wouldnt look so bad.

  • Ryda4life

    Polow & myself have the same build. I work out every other day eat what I want !
    Just had a physical & Doc said I was good . I’m not that tall ,but I’m blessed in other areas. Dont let gossip fool you ladies . Keri knows what she likes ..A man that aint afraid to eat that!!!!

  • Ryda4life

    Dont get it twisted , This buid is not a biggest loser .Need I remind you of who he is with . Kerri is delicious…

  • smh

    keri is beautiful she use to have a body. she lost too much weight now she no longer has her booty. She’s underrated

  • keebler mf elf

    She looking too good!

  • thabiz79

    keri looking sacarey!

  • Former Don

    I feel ya Polo. Being pretty attracts broke desperate hoes with low self esteem. Them hoodrats only care about a cute baby to show off. Ugly unshaven nigros get left alone to make all the money!!! I stopped shaving and skip haircuts. Tamika leaves me alone. Now I’m in the Hummer with Heather. LOL

  • Mr. Watson

    Damn, Polo really eatin ! Lmao ! And Keri is so so BEAUTIFUL…

    Check out my Poetry Blog (click on my name)… I have a couple Poems on there that I’m sure everyone can relate to in some way… Mostly about relationships! Comments Are Appreciated !Hope u enjoy ! www. mrwatson215.wordpress .com

  • Mr Opulence

    This guy is hairy(er) than Chewbacca dipped in Rogaine!!

  • SoCal


  • Tanya

    What up with the dent in Keri’s butt? That looks kind of weird. That guy doesn’t look at all like Polow Da Don

  • HAZE

    Man he’s gotten so fat

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