Hate It Or Love It: ‘It’s That Dirty Money’ Dawn Richards For Connect Magazine

- By Bossip Staff

Sky high hair and shoulder pads galore…

Nowadays, everyone needs an alter ego or a gimmick to keep their music career alive. Meet Neon, Dawn Richard’s alter ego, as she stunts for Connect Magazine.

“Aptly-titled “Shouldering Responsibility,” the Dirty Money singer rocks high hair and high “shoulders” for the fashion spread which accompanys her interview where she talks “music, fashion, and what it’s like to be living a dream.”

Is it just us, or is this pretty wack? Dirty Dawn aka “Neon” could’ve come a lot harder!


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  • Mother-Of-2

    She is wack….same three posses

    • sidpumpkin

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  • slimegirl

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • ShortStuff

    Reminds of Beyonce in the first two pics with the pose & clothes she’s wearing. Tired of hearing everybody & their damn “alter egos”. So the main you isn’t making that much money so you gotta do the whole alter ego thing??? NEXT….@ Least Beyonce didn’t run it in a whole….Sasha Fierce was here one minute now she’s gone. She don’t even mention that mess. THANKFULLY……

  • Delight23

    as long as P-Shytty isn’t getting a cut, I saw make as much money on the side as you can.

    😉 Don’t end up like the rest of Bad Boy’s broke azz alumni.

  • divaa

    What happened to the girl Andrea fro Danity Kane, she had the best voice…its crazy how Diddy kept Dawn when n the beginning, she was having the most issues with her voice, or lack there of

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    she rocked it.
    Ps- me needs that blue & blk striped jacket!
    Mama like. 🙂


    she rocked it. Very hot!
    Ps- me needs that blue & blk striped jacket!
    Mama like. 🙂

  • Palest Latina

    She is ugly!! She made a bad choice when she broke up Danity Kane. The only reason that group went platinum was because they had a gorgeous white latina and two stunning white girls. The monkey was pushed in the back.

  • audacity

    She’s hot! Looks great. But the alter-ego ‘ish is played…

  • XFactor

    Wack… She not very attractive, and just to put that out there! It’s not because she a chocolate woman, you can paint her high-yellow and I’d still say the same thing… Color is not an issue for me, I look @ features. All looks aside I do like this sista, she has a wonderful personality (so it seems) & she a talented song-writer. She seems to be be comfortable in her skin so that’s also an added plus. She the prime example of “Beauty’s only skin deep”…

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