In White Folks News: Madonna and A-Rod?

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The Material Girl has been chopping down entertainers, sports figures, singers, actors, and even circus acts for over 15 yrs, now she is moving on to the next jump off:

Alex Rodriguez was so smitten with the pop queen that they discussed opening a chain of gyms together. He even attended Yom Kippur services with her and her three children in Times Square last week – sans “Snatch” director Ritchie.

“Things got to a breaking point about a month ago,” an insider told The Post. “And they [Madonna and Ritchie] did an intensive, two-week kabbalah course. That didn’t work.”

Now, “A-Rod and Madonna are more involved than ever,” a source close to Rodriguez told

The two “are definitely romantic,” the source added.

We do not know what gave Guy the interpretation that Hollyweird’s debauchery queen, would be able to change. Her stuff hangs outside her her panties, and she is calling him cruel? He better get that money. You know if the tables were turned she would rape him.

Via NY Post

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  • sepia830

    First….but who cares about Madonna.


    Forget Madonna. What the hell is wrong with Alex?

  • Mike

    Alex was molested as a child so he’s acting out. Sad.

  • DaNVofTexas


  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Top 8…NIKKI U you slackin!

    Surfs Up

  • B'More

    i didn’t know A-Rod was into aging trannys….

  • Taz

    impression not intepretation

  • Trishaann

    Wow not a good picture at all.

  • memchee

    boy, she really messed her face up with that botox mess.

    she should just ate health and drank more water!

  • lol

    impression and interpretations are both correct in the context of the sentence.

  • kenya

    madonna looks like she was buffing someone’s helmet and her face got stuck.

  • Phenomenal Me... Ms. Dee (I wish I lived in Ohio so I could accidentally bump into that FINE AZZ CLEVELAND BROWN BRAYLON EDWARDS!!! WOOOOWEEEEEE!!! They just gave the Giants a good azz whippin!!!!)

    WTF CARES??????? NEXT PLS!!!!

  • Octavia


  • Kayla

    She could of went to a better doctor than this. I really dislike her after she interfered in A-Rod’s marriage.

  • shaunyc56

    Hope Guy gets his half. Its so cool that we’ve evolved as a society to the point that women can now be robbed of the money they’ve earned just because they couldn’t make a relationship work.

    I wonder if the soccer hooligans at the pub are calling her a come up yet.

  • Afiya - GO PHILLIES!! We going to the WORLD SERIES...YEA BOI!!! :)

    She’s a rich whorish MESS…smh!

  • Richard

    As unpopular as it may be to say so …..Affairs like this are NOT about sex. It’s about the ability of the people to connect.

    U can have a quiet jump offf but THAT does not make u go and leave home.

  • subterfuge

    “Father time is a real ball buster!”

    – Howard Stern-

  • Cocaine is a hellava drug

    Madonna is all about the drama. How stupid was she to not sign a prenup? If its true that she slept around with A-Rod, then Guy deserves all the money he can squeeze out of her.

  • copelli21

    Dang…ease up on the rape usage. That’s just not necessary.

  • crazychris

    madonna worships the devil just look at her too bad her black magic can’t fix her face

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