SMH! Whitney Houston Gets Her Cracked Out Dance On At Prince Show And Gets Banned…

- By Bossip Staff

Whitney Houston burned another bridge before entering rehab… After getting her drunken swagged out dance on at a Prince concert the singer has been permanently banned! Now you know Prince don’t play that sh*t!

“Sources say Whitney appeared to be “intoxicated” at each show she attended over the last few weeks and was constantly begging to be let on stage. She also had repeated and excessive ticket demands, so Prince and his people have barred her from attending any others.”

Someone seriously needs to step in and regulate, when it comes to the Houston household!


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  • Dolly

    ooh poor thang

  • samsung

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  • jenene

    Mom and daughter look like they on that oooh-weee!

  • leilani

    Well, finally the crack proved that Whitney is Wack!… lol… smh… its not Wack if u can’t stop using it and destroying ya life dumb woman… she’s the dummy for even starting that mess…. she knew Bobby was doing drugs b4 she married the idiot… they both don’t were irresponsible parents…which is why Bobbi Kristina is going thru here wackness…. I hope she gets it together and show her parents that she really MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY raised herself….

  • Nana

    Bobby didn’t make Whitney do sh!t……that b!tch been crazy and on drugs! She is a grown azz woman

  • 50's BACK

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • veryfunny

    that family seriously needing touch from God……true Whitney wanted to be high and destroyed her ownself …I dont think Bobby alone should be blamed…she wanted it.

  • The Way It Is

    Whitney needs to try harder. SMH.

  • be real

    bobby living a good life but ya’ll all wanted to blame Bobby-

    Good for you!!

    every person responsible for themselves!!!

    prince better had let her up atleast once though b/c how you gonna let no talent kim k on stage an not whitney!!!

  • dragongirl

    You know Bobby always gets a bad rap. He didn’t ruin Whitney’s life. Whitney was dabbling in drugs before she hooked up with Bobby..get your facts right!!

  • Sugarpie

    Prince should be happy he has such a diehard fan!!!!!

  • w

    That’s her daughter Bobbi in the picture…Moron!


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  • Poule

    Why did she decide to end her Life, does she have the answer, I wonder.

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