*Exclusive Updated* Somaya Reece Interview About New Movie “Go For It” (Repping For Latinas In Hip Hop) [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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  • 50's BACK

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  • AC

    Look I’m a Latina. 100% And I know I don’t want this girl reppin for us Latinas. This my own personal opinion but she too messy.

  • VC

    I’m Salvadorian & I second that! the rap is weak, she “tries” to come off as humble but she’s not fooling nobody! she’s your basic industry ho!

  • VC

    I’m Salvadorian & I second that! her rap is weak, she “tries” to come off as humble but she’s not fooling nobody! she’s your basic industry ho!

  • Keep it Real

    The chick is overweight and wears wigs. Is that why she thinks she can make it crossing over?

  • lively09

    Congrats to her! I respect her hustle.

  • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

    she lose five to ten pounds and she’ll be a dyme again….oh she trying to rap…nahhhhhhhhhhhh. face down azz up poses is all i care for from her

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    I actually like her and look forward to seeing what she is about in hip-hop. I had no idea English was her second language. Anyway, I am interested.

  • ray

    i dont really care for her…she looks like a nikki reject….i wonder how old she is because those crows feet by her eyes…is a tell tell she not young at all… but anyways everybody has a dream nd she is certainly aiming for it…so i respect that.!

    • tommykimon

      Dang I thought I was the only one that thought she was a Nicki reject. I also question her age too because she looks like she is 45.

  • samsung

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  • hey

    why are latinas trying to copy black people. She needs to stick to reggaeton n shut the hell up….

    • StuckInDaMatrix

      I do notice that sometimes where Latinos emulate Black culture but then talk sh*t about Black people. Also, reggaeton is a better market for her because she can’t rap and has no talent at all!

    • LatinaSabrosa

      I don’t see it as copying I see it more as relating. When you live in places like California and New York (in my experience) you see black and brown (not all but most) people living and interacting with each other. My American friends love to learn about Latin music and we all listen to hip-hop and r&b. I just think that as a HispanicAmerican she is influenced by the hip-hop culture.

  • Allie

    I’m kind of interested, but i don’t think her creditability is strong enough in order to represent latinas in hip hop, i mean i’ve never heard any of her music, besides smidgets, but no full length songs

  • http://bossip london

    She need to run a treadmill for a week straight, and downgrade a few feet…then maybe…..

  • syrup


    • syrup

      That song is not hip hop.

  • eliteliberal

    I don’t give a sh** about latinas, they trying to put the blacks out of everything, jobs, politics, etc. etc. I’m riding the black train, I’m tired of supporting other etnic groups and see them rise above black folks. Enough a dat sh**. I want my black folks to shine too.

    • Whatev

      Me too. I am tired of this mess. They always infiltratin’ our stuff ’cause they can’t access & take over the whites’ stuff. And so many of them don’t even like us! In LA we have the R&B radio station KJLH. Now in the ads I’m hearin’ “KJLH” sometimes and “Ka-Jota-Ele-Hache” sometimes. WTF? That aint no Spanish station and that reminds me I meant to e-mail them about that. I’m going to do it now!

  • Derisive One

    This shxt needs to be on Lossip.

    • Whatev

      LOL! Thank you.

  • letitbeme

    uhhh reppin latinos???? uhhhh…crikets** this chick??? I CAn’t! lol

  • Bilderberg King

    She takes good pics but looks like a sasquatch in person..She can’t rap at all…But cats think she looks good so she’ll make some bread for a min..

  • From Fl to Va Chick

    Highly doubt if she took a bag and just happened to find a NY producer while she was there..From the show she connected with the guy before the move. I do think she’s hungry and she’s going for it. Next time Jim keep Chrissy out the music biz!

  • 1love

    I really Dont care for this chick she needs to.Get her bottom grill done her top grill is white and her bottom grill is yellowwwwwwwwww.

  • rain

    This girl can’t rap. chile cheeze hahahaha

  • ugod

    You clowns are like crabs in a bucket. The minute someone that looks like us have something good goin on,u ready to break them down

    • Whatev

      She doesn’t look like us.

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