What Does Angelina Jolie’s New Tattoo Mean???

- By Bossip Staff

What has this crazy broad gotten tattooed on herself now…???

Angelina Jolie sparked adoption rumors earlier this month when she was photographed with a new tattoo while on a goodwill trip to the Tunisia-Libya border. The photograph showed a new set of map coordinates on her arm, just beneath the six tattoos of coordinates of the birthplaces of her six children.

But in a new interview with ‘Extra,’ Jolie clears up the confusion. “Well, if they know that it’s latitude and longitude they would have figured out quickly that it was Brad’s birthplace,” she said. “It doesn’t take much investigation to figure that one out. [The coordinates are] Shawnee, Oklahoma.”

She also added that another adoption isn’t a possibility “at this time.” And though they aren’t having another child right now, Jolie revealed that adoption is a happy word in their home. “We talk very openly in our house. ‘Orphanage’ and ‘birth parents’ are happy words in our house.”

Jolie has adopted three children, Maddox, 9, from Cambodia, Pax, 7, from Vietnam and Zahara, 6, from Ethiopia.

She also has three kids with her partner Brad Pitt; Shiloh, 4, born in Namibia and 2-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox, born in France.

Brad’s birthplace? Seriously?? What the hell kind of tattoo is that?? Maybe this is something white folks think is coolm but it’s just plain dumb if you ask us!


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  • hahaaaa

    Angelina is a weirdo that’s clearly obvious… What’s interesting is how they never show her kids only her adopted ones.. Heard tht her twins have downe syndrome and she doesn’t wanna deal with it in the public meanwhile her other daughters dresses like a boy at the age of 3……. All sounds like nice payback for stealing Jen Anistons man if u ask me….

    Alicia Keys look out karma for you could be next 😉

    • Just sayin'

      Totally agree. She is VERY weird.

    • anonda

      you can’t steal a man who isn’t willing to go. and whether they had an affair or not, it’s not the same as her children having down-syndrome (if they do). you sound like you have an Intellectual Disability yourself for even making that correlation.

    • JustAshley

      @anonda. The slang “homewrecker” or “husband stealer” is simply an expression to say someone INTERFERED in a situation that NEVER should have involved them. Get over the semantics please.
      Its like a guy referring to a woman as a “hoe” or “chicken head”. She’s not actually a garden tool and she also isn’t a walking, talking chicken.

    • Trisha

      There are some pictures of the twins. But being that they are younger than the other kids, they don’t go out much w/ the group. & of course blogs are only going to post pictures of the adopted kids more b/c they bring the most controversy.
      & the twins don’t have down syndrome. They are fine, people just want to come up w/ their own conclusions & thinking they are doctors to diagnose a kid. The twins look identical to Shiloh. & who cares that Shiloh dresses like a boy? Angelina carried her for 9 months & pushed her out. At the end of the day she can dress her daughter up anyway she wants. Maybe if parents would listen to their kid & have a little freedom w/ choosing their clothes & expressing them self, kids wouldn’t grow up corrupted.

      & Angelina didn’t steal Brad. Brad is a grown man & left on his own.

  • Just sayin'

    I wish her and brad’s tired behinds would just stay overseas permanently and never step foot in the US again. So tired of them.

  • ItsWhatever

    It’s her grocery list and the names of all those knuckleheads at her house.

  • chrissy17

    I knew she had more kids but you never see them only shiloh…. i wanna see the twins

  • Daisy Jay

    This. Is. Late.

    Call me crazy, but (speaking as if I really liked tattoos), that was a clever idea and I actually like it. Different from the traditional “fairies” and “butterflies” girls always get -_-

  • Really???

    Better than an ice cream cone on the face…

  • Ariel

    There is seven birth places and she has six kids soooo she WILL adopt again.

    • chrissy17

      you didn’t read the article did you…cuz the 7th one is brad’s….smh…

  • Smonty1227

    Please these tatoos are no dumber than tatoos I see on black folks every day…so please stop with all that.


    I hate America probably.

  • anonda

    @JustAshley you get over the semantics. i know what the hell home wrecker means. no one knows what happened between angelina, brad, jennifer, and it’s silly to keep calling her that. anyway, my point is it’s absurd and ignorant to insinuate her kids having a possible disability because of her actions.

  • amya

    She mind as well get her whole two arms done, for her future kids.lol

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