Ballers: Ryan Seacrest Is Making $55 Milli Now?????????

- By Bossip Staff

Say word?? Ryan Seacrest is balling out of control!!!

The 36-year-old American Idol host’s salary tripled in 2009 — skyrocketing from $5 million a year to $15 million — when he signed a three-year deal with FOX and CKX, and now the Hollywood Reporter estimates he earns $55 million a year.

In addition to his $45 million American Idol compensation, he hosts his own KIIS-FM radio show and produces the Kardashian reality shows for E! and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution for ABC.

Seacrest doesn’t come cheap, but FOX can certainly afford him. Though operating costs for American Idol rose 17% in the last year, Forbes estimates the program earns $7.11 million every half-hour for News Corp.


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    • ?flabbergasted

      Aint all he do is talk?

      He doesn’t even make the show!

      I just DONT get it!

      I’m MermaidDamsel@ youtube
      -singing acapella r&b- xscape, chante moore, alicia keys

  • It's Me

    Damn I ain’t even hating on homie… Get it while the getting is good. Let’s Go Heat!!

  • Mia

    What the hell does this Douche do that warrants that kind of bread? No one likes him for goodness sake!

    • tressel

      Do u read the articles or u just jump on to post comments. Seacrest has always had more that 5 jobs. Always use Google before u post dumb comments

    • sholla21

      Lol, speak for yourself Mia. I love Ryan Seacrest.

  • WHY2K

    Must be good to be talentless. Seems that’s what makes you money in Hollywierd.

  • Jeza-Belle

    I like him he’s a great host, he should be the host on The Voice, just take over. That Carson Daily guy is wack he has no effing energy, no presence.

  • JayJay Growlings

    sweet Jesus!!!!
    someone gimme a mic!!ASAP!!!!!

  • ubnation

    Ryan Seacrest is putting in work. Cant knock his hustle.


    He is on every show in America, including radio. Greedy bastard, but I don’t blame him. Make the easy money while you can.

  • tommykimon

    Not surprised this man has more jobs than a Jamician. LOL

  • 233rd whiteplains

    now thats hustling like a mutha…. cant knock him for using the game he has to get that loot.

  • Daisy Jay

    Yeah he’s always been a “multi-tasker”. I see all the hard work has paid off. He’s set for life!

  • Honut Sinti

    Ryan has always hustled to get the coin. I don’t blame him at all.

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