Mommy Banger Jessica Alba Brings Her Knocked Up Swag And Lil Honor To The Beaches Of Mexico

- By Bossip Staff

Pregnant Jesssica Alba spends some time with her daughter and some friends on the beaches of Mexico.

Milk definitely does a body good. Jessica Alba had her gut full and jugs of joy engorged milk carriers on blizzast during a Mexican vacay with her daughter Honor and friends. How precious!

Pregnant Jesssica Alba spends some time with her daughter and some friends on the beaches of Mexico.

We wonder if Jessica is having another girl or a boy. Twins are the best…🙂


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  • 50's BACK

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  • clarissa

    Girl cover up your baby oven belly…you can show folks your f**kable to males other than that the man that knocked you up later.

    • FTW


    • LatinaSabrosa

      @ FTW lol that’s what I said too.

  • Ikea

    Jessica is half Swedish that’s why her daughter is blond.

  • Brittney

    she looks good preggo.. follow me on twitter @iluvmine

  • CoCo

    Why is the chest out on that little girl??

    • KayKay

      that’s what I was thinking…even though she looks like a boy with long hair, she needs on a top

    • chaka1

      We didn’t wear tops when I was kid..then again this is Florida. At home swimming pools, we didn’t wear bottoms either, until we were about 3…

  • Daisy Jay

    Oh she’s so pretty…

    Is it…appropriate to have on a bathing suit like that when you’re pregnant? With your stomach showing? I thought that was bad, wtf…

  • LatinaSabrosa

    Alba looks like my sis go Dark Angel! Anyways I think she looks fine, she’s at the beach what else should she be wearing?? The little girl looks just like her dad, now SHE needs a top A.S.A.p

  • Mother-Of-2

    I agree that lil girl NEEDS a top ASAP. I thought that was a lil boy…smh

  • curly

    If that was a BLACK CHILD, they would be calling her a bad mother.

    The girl need a shirt.

    • cutie

      She is a quater black child!!!

  • truth

    The little girl does not need a top. She’s a baby and not prepubescent. Only Americans make there little girls wear tops. Both mother and daughter look adorable.

  • fstr

    actually…her daughter is 1/4 black. so….

    • Syd

      Jessica herself is half Swedish.

  • Natalie

    The only reason i would say to put a top on the little girl is to protect her delicate skin from the sun…..She needs a rash guard or something.

  • uku

    twins are hard work

  • miss infamous

    She looks great preggers and her daughter is cute


    You people do know that she has herpes right? Look it up!

  • Stizzy

    Why doesn’t she have a top on that little girl???

  • xo

    Jessica has breast implants.

  • the priestess

    i just love jessica. she is one of those rare natural beauties. her boobs are huuuge though! they almost look fake😐

  • Gregory craig

    The term for someone a quarter black is quadroon

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