87-Year-Old Islamic Healer With 107 Wives “God Has Given Me The Power And Strength To Give Them The Sexual Portion They Need”

- By Bossip Staff

Wow, this guy is quite the charmer. Nigerian islamic faith healer, Bella Maasaba, is 87-years-old, has 107 wives (youngest is 19 and oldest is 64) and is still mackin tough:

The 87-year-old has married 107 women, which, even in a society with a tradition of polygamy, is on the high side. The Nigerian government is not amused. Neither are Islamic authorities in the state. But he’s still marrying, every time Miss Right comes along. He now has 86 wives, the youngest 19 and the oldest 64. Nine have died and 12 he divorced (for disobedience).

“I get a revelation from God telling me any woman I’m going to marry. If it wasn’t from God, I wouldn’t have gone beyond two,” he explains in a wispy, singsong voice. Maasaba has to pause to remember the number of children he has: an ever growing figure, with the youngest just 1 month old. He has fathered 185, and 133 are still living. He has acquired an extended family of some 5,000 people, many of whom live in the sprawling compound in the block surrounding his house.

With so many wives, how does he meet their romantic needs? He smiles. Everyone asks him that. “In his wisdom, God has given me the power and strength to give them the sexual portion they need,” he says. “If I didn’t satisfy them, they would leave.”

Wow..this is Polygamy at its best…ole boy gets married every other week. This guy fathered 185 kids??? That has to be some type of record…

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  • G.M.

    see ladies, even God wants us men to fucc as many of y’all as possible lol XD

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    • kalifa

      that’s a pimps dream 🙂
      107 stupid hoes

  • resurrected

    say who another man he is not God and can not speak for God plus God has already spoking on this issues right here..

    To each it own but I would never be one of many wives by life has afforded me better options then that.

    • big c

      Please do not speak on the bible ever again . you know nothing of what you are talking about . your bible must come from a ceral box with little toys .

    • kalifa

      @ G.M – 🙂

      * your mind is so carnal and vile that you see no problem disrespecting the Christian God. Evil is the king of your heart & soul 😦

  • http://google Wicked

    God wants you to go fk yourself and make everybody happier.

    • G.M.

      ur God sounds like the fuccin devil lol XD

  • Bicoastalcutie

    So is his “portion” just a couple strokes, and they are fufilled!? Lol.

  • Marquis de Sade

    😆 😆 😆

  • http://google wife #7

    Whatever the old coochie kisser is using or taking, I hope its never marketed here in the states. It causes coochie hounds like GM to get their hopes up. Lols

    • G.M.

      @wicked/wife#7: im not a coochie hound lol XD

  • clarissa

    Another reason to close our borders.

    • Good Grief

      Close the borders for what? You really think he’s looking to come here, when he can have all the women he wants in his own country? Please lol

  • Tm30

    He probably has so many project twins it’s ridiculous. But then again I guess you can’t call them that since he did marry the mothers.

  • noble

    I’m pretty sure they need more portion.

  • Blue Moon

    I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know all his kids..he’ll end up wifing 1 of them..he probably dubs/labels u his wife after sleeping with u..as 4 dat 19 year old 1..ughh..this should have a term of its own..his wives have 2 show him I.d whenever they c him..his old self doesn’t remember all of them..probably doesn’t know when 1 of them is missing..he takes a daily attendance register..Smh

  • Queen R

    OK REALLY! 87 looks like he still needs help getting dressed! Yuk!

  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    But he dont look 87… black dont crack and dont let a gd white women hear about this, that skank would be on the next thing smoking trying to get to nigeria!!hide you wife, hide your kids, hide your dog, hide your black men!!

  • Juliemango

    The bible does say every one gets a portion – open for interpretation!!!

  • Good Grief

    You all are forgetting that his title is what is attracting so many of these women to him. He is an “Islamic Healer” and they make a whole lot of money. Just like how pastors here make a lot of money. That’s the only thing his “wives” care about. So they have no problem being wife number #58 and #76 lol.

  • jennifer

    “Believe It When I See It”!!!

  • Heilige Bimbam

    Dear JOHN JOHN, you sound like you are jealous of that old man.You need to chill out. PEACE

  • http://www.webmail.co.za on point

    @GM yo lack of respect for God is as disgusting as u. u on the coochie hound list as one of the many pathetic guys not men living today, and please satan aint looking for u, he kicked u out coz of yo patheticness. @clarrisa were in america are u rooted for u to say we must close our borders. Wat makes u think the world wants to come there wen u are the most hated country in the world n u are on everyones hit list. America belongs to the red Indians not even yo white counter parts can claim america. Wat kind of educational system do u guys have there that u make such dumb statements. Go to hell. U n GM should hook up u are both complete Imbecils

  • rue

    lol @ big c u made my day falling off chair….cereal box haha

  • Abby

    Um… if his blood line extends to 5000 and they all stay on the same area … they gotta be mating with each other…. wonder if he married a few of his relatives?

  • Dallas Champ

    He can’t love and respect any of his “wives.” He can’t provide money and time for them, Only semen every now and then. I bet he can’t remember all of their names. The wife must re introduce herself to her own husband. “I am wife 48.

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