Nick Cannon Responds To Mariah’s Beer Drinking While Breastfeeding And Child Protective Services Rumors

- By Bossip Staff

Nicky Carey Cannon was on Piers Morgan last night and expressed his anger regarding that crazy story about MiMi and Dem Babies’ hospital fiasco:

“Recently, the child protective services were called with allegations that there was some drinking and drugs and all that going on, wild in the hospital, which makes no sense to me – how would a hospital allow that?

“It all started when a nurse suggested to my wife that if you drink Guinness, the dark beer, the yeast improves breastfeeding… I don’t know if someone heard that, but then they were saying my wife was drinking beer. People will do anything to try to conjure up a story.

“Then when I spoke to the person from child protection services, (they said), ‘This is ridiculous, we’re going to make sure this isn’t the case’. To even have to deal with that, my wife in the state that she’s in, we’re in the hospital, to even have to think about someone possibly wanting to investigate your children… it’s sad at the end of the day.”

Cannon also claims that photographers eager to land the first picture of the twins have been trying to infiltrate the medical facility.

He adds, “There’s been photographers actually in the hospital posing as different people or (people) trying to get pictures of the kids, which is really sad when you think about people trying to make a buck off newborn babies.”

Peep the video below:

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  • resurrected

    Does Mariah ever comment for herself Nick is always the family spokes person.

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    • Panamanian Miguel

      Its called being the company stooge

    • WithAllHonesty

      It’s called being a husband, father and leader of the household. I’m sure your fathers weren’t around, so you know nothing about that.

    • Brianna Hyneman

      to resurrected: She’s in the hospital with a birth infection stupid! Jeez. Again, you can always tell the bwords on here with no man.

    • JustAshley


      Thank you!!! Its a representation of how it SHOULD BE! He’s protecting Mariah. I absolutely respect that. πŸ™‚

    • Resurrect Your Brain, Hater!

      Duh??!! A real man is suppose to be out there guiding/leading, protecting & providing for his family, but I guess you wouldn’t know anything about that since most likely you came from broken or typical ghetto single-parent home struggling on welfare.

      That’s what up Nick! Good looking up for your wife and family!! πŸ™‚

  • Someone whoknows

    Nick should just say “no comment”. It is ridiculous and if he continues to be so nice to the press they will require an expalnation for everything. Sometimes you need to just say “Piss off”

    • LdyK


  • It's Me

    Awww`it is prolly true. She was depressed and had a drink and a line! Remember this is the crazy gal from the 80’s…

    • Brianna Hyneman

      Hating much? In the 80’s she was in her early 20’s and a STAR. Unlike you now. Who were you in the 80’s? It’s 20 years later gwerl. Let a woman live and be happy in what she’s got. Keep your hate for your self and your loved ones.

    • 90's not 80's

      Mariah started in the early 90’s, this much I remember because EnVogue also started around that time.

  • Cake

    dang, where they have their babies? at a county hospital? lol

    • Brianna Hyneman

      Hating much? You know she can afford a better hospital than you so just shut up. Laugh at your own hate. lol

  • Bosslady

    I guess now she has 3 kids. Nick and the twins.

    • Brianna Hyneman

      Still they are happy while you can only get online and spew negativity. Hating much? Show love darling. It will bless you.

  • Peppa

    It’s Me, talking negatively about people you do not know, about something you have no clue whether it’s true or not, is not going to make all the problems in your life go away. Seek therapy, instead of trying to get rid of your pain, by wishing bad things on others. And by you saying she probably did, that is wishing bad things on a person. You have no right to say that someone did something, when you don’t know anything about what went on in that hospital. Shame on you, and I hope no one who doesn’t know your mother, sister, grand mother or niece or daughter says soemthing about them without any proof.

  • Peppa

    That was meant for the screen name (It’s Me)

  • 50's BACK

    bossip stays with da exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!! WWW.LOOT6.COM

  • Nicole

    Are they still in the hospital? Wasn’t she full term? Why are they in the NICU? My twins were in the NICU for 10 days but they were born at 34.5 weeks… I wonder why her twins are still there?

    • Bella

      All twins are put in the NICU. Mariah caught an infection due to the cesarean. It happens more often then you would imagine.

    • rosemary davis

      From what was reported yesterday it is the twins that have the infection and Mariah chosed to stay in the Hospital with them and most babies weighing more than five pounds can go home if there or no other complications including twins both of my kids weighed in around five pounds

  • clarissa

    Trifling haters. Yes, it is time to stop talking. Because when folks talk trash about your children YOU MIGHT SNAP!

  • jco


  • Guyanese Waters

    It’s an old wives tale here in Guyana to drink Guinness after having a baby. Most mothers/mother-in-laws got it by the bed waiting. Yall Americans make a mountain out of nothing stupse

  • uku

    i’ve always loved this wedding photo of them

  • Billy

    I’m convinced this dude is some kind of robot…..

    • veryfunny

      then u must be real stupid..

  • Daisy Jay

    Crazy, but not shocking. People will do the extremes to try and hurt somebody – and to make themselves look good.

    Nick does no wrong and still gets bashed? Now this is a moment that makes me want to call you guys *clears throat* HATERS. Nick is a great person, husband, and will be a great father. If you’re scavenging for something bad to say about him, you must…be jealous or something. Not normal.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Totally agree!!! Nick may have come off as a bit “corny” to some @ 1st & probably still does because he’s a good dude,who does well for himself,NEVER gets into any drama & carries himself like a true gentleman! You see,some people aren’t used to that & will try to fond any thing even to the extent of fabricating ish only to sabotage his & his wife Mimi’s image…SMDH! But hey,that’s how it goes @ times,sad but true….Wish these 2 much more happiness to come.
      I’m not going to lie,@ 1st I couldn’t even picture them being a genuine couple but as time progressed,it’s definitely official so all I can do is say congrats @ this point….*shrugs*

    • Daisy Jay

      shall be immune* (most effed up typo I’ve ever put…)

  • Brianna Hyneman

    You can always tell the bwords on here with no man and no ring. Always hating. Always bitter. Always finding words not to congratulate.

    Congrast Nick and Mimi on those babies. I wish you all the happiness in the world with your healthy, loved children.

    • Raja Mason

      @Brianna Hyneman
      What I don’t undestand is why you’re replying to everyone saying s/t negative about Mariah and Nick. Are you on their payroll? Just let it go. People will always have s/t silly to say. You can’t argue w/ every idiot on here.

    • veryfunny

      Raja,why must one be on a payroll to show love….is that what ur life is about?…..Brianna is only speaking the truth to those haterz.

  • hotbitch

    @Brianna Hyneman-“She’s in the hospital with a birth infection stupid! Jeez. Again, you can always tell the bwords on here with no man”

    LMAO And you can always tell the fools with no education. Do tell Brianna, what the f**k is a BIRTH INFECTION?!!?!? And you’re calling others stupid. Mwaahahaha

  • Brianna Hyneman

    & somebody spelled your name wrong. Crack habit maybe? Or just illiterate? leave spelling of names to the parents so no one judges yours pipebaby.

  • nursedred

    Poor mariah. They basically did the same thing to her back in the day at UCLA medical center when she went in for ‘exhaustion’ they ended up firing 2 nurses and everybody else had to go through reeducation. Just leave her alone let her and her babies get healthy and go home.


    Nick doesn’t want any paps making money off pics of his kids because that’s his job.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    So Im not the only one who was like “you mean ‘while’ in the hospital?”

  • yvonne

    Shes still worth 300 mil, eff u haters.

  • JustAshley

    Why can’t they at least let the lady recover in peace? Good grief, let that family have their moment. I swear they need to put the Paparazzi on a leash or something. I know they are celebrities but they should at least get to have something kind of moments to themselves. SMH
    Sidenote: Nicks suit is on point!

  • courtney

    um this is how it’s been for at least 20 years get over it. the tabs did this so they wouldn’t have to pay big bucks when Mariah & Nick do decide to release pics which he said they deffinately will be in the next few weeks after their in a schedule with Rocc & Roe at home Nick said on Gayle King this morning that Mariah & the twins would be home Sunday or Monday just to be safe and to a previous poster yes 38 weeks is full term for twins but with all the complications Mariah had during pregancy the doctors and her & nick wanted to make sure everything was safe

    • JustAshley

      Uh so because its been like that for 20 years it makes it right? Your simpleminded. Paparazzi with overwhelming ambition is why/how Princess Dianna died.

    • JustAshley

      And why don’t you make up your dayum mind on the issue. First its, “don’t criticize Nick and Mariah” and then its, “Paparazzi has been doing this for years get over it.”
      Guess what celebrities and politicians have been CRITICIZED for years- so using YOUR logic- YOU should get over it. Just because something has occurred as tradition doesn’t make it right. Please take your undecided/confused azz to another site.

  • veryfunny ur life so trashy..that u think everyone should be the same??u stupid hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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