Is Romeo Tryin’ To Catch A Cougar Again? Hugged Up With Nicole Murphy In Beverly Hills

- By Bossip Staff

If you saw “Jumping The Broom” you know Romeo loves him a more “mature” woman… And Nicole Murphy is quite the Mommy Banger, so we wouldn’t blame him if he tried. Truthfully the first thing Romeo asked Nicole about when they bumped into each other in Beverly Hills was her daughter Bria, who is quite the lil banger herself.

Murphy was leaving the nail salon when she ran into Romeo, who asked why her daughter didn’t come out to see his new movie, ‘Jumping the Broom’, with him. She laughed at that one.

When Murphy was asked if she was trying to set up the pair she told photogs “No, they are just friends.”

Sheeet… That wouldn’t be a bad match up for Bria at all. Romeo has a nice lil body himself!


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    She’s old enough to be his grandmother.

    • still disagree

      i don’t know the dude personally, but I have a feeling both nicole and bria are too dark for Romeo.

      He also had this vibe on DWTS, like he was trying SO hard to be urban. He had this affected way of talking and acting, come on dude, we know you’re college educated and grew up rich. There’s nothing WRONG with that. You don’t need to put that ‘edge’ on because you’re the Young Black dude.

  • 50's BACK

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  • KayKay

    looks like a friendly “hello” hug to me…nothing there




  • JM@gic

    That shyt looks like nothing to me but a meet and greet,but if it was Michael Strahan must not be putting it down to lose out to Romeo


    just stop.
    he is probably friends with her son…who is like the SAME age.
    smmfhh. 😦

  • StarStruck

    Bria and Romeo would make such a cute couple. I hope they do hook up.

  • nona2011

    HIs hairline is the same age as hers>>why not?

  • Juliemango

    Romeo is a hugger from what i saw on dwts, he seems to also be a whitegirl blackman!!!

  • veryfunny

    naaaaaa,I dont believe it…maybe he is dating one of her daughters…and they went to have a little future mother inlaw…future son inlaw chat…..

  • Angie

    It looks like a cordial greeting.

  • question

    Why is it if a older woman dates a younger man people are all for it and find it appropriate but if young woman dates a older man she’s a gold digger or something wrong with her she has daddy issues its crazy to me

  • Houston's Finest

    She looks like a skeleton

  • Prudence

    Strange…she stayed with Eddie all those years and had five kids with him. Money excites some women more than anything! There’s a new book out about him being on the down-low (“I Rise”). She looks very masculine and is too thin. Maybe she’s on the down-low too!

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