Did Evelyn’s New Salary Cut Into The Promotions Budget For Basketball “Wives” Season 3

- By Bossip Staff

Something doesn’t look quite right about the new promo photo for Season 3 of Basketball Wives. Do you see it?

We could tell someone got heavy handed with the photoshopping as soon as we looked at this. But it took us a second to realize exactly what they did.

Take a look at LAST season’s promo photo:

Yikes. How difficult could it have been to get these seven broads into the same room for a picture?

Aside from the positions the “ladies” are sitting or standing in, there is one other difference from last year’s photo though. The two actual wives we were introduced to at the beginning of last season – Kim Russell and Juli Ritchmond, who we barely saw on the show – are apparently no longer a part of the cast.

Suzi’s still hanging in there though. Despite all her on-camera griping, she still hasn’t managed to walk away from the paycheck the B.S. and drama.

As for the new girl…

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  • Golden

    Those ARE the promo’s from LAST season, that’s why they’re wearing the same OUTFITS.smdh.

    • oppomp5

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    • kalifa

      how b!tchy are these “women” that they couldn’t be in the same room to take some new pictures 😦

      or is vh1 THAT cheap? 😦

  • Shelly

    I had to look at this again. They took the pic from last season with the 6 BW STANDING UP, photoshopped Meeka in and reused the pic for the new season.

  • char

    they didn’t photoshop the new girl in too well. they could scale her down a percent or two

  • chrissy


  • TriniSazon

    this has to be the worst photoshopped pic i seen in a while lmaoo ..they didnt put in NO effort what so ever !! They all have a nice shoe game though 🙂

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  • Mrs. Rance

    They just do my girls terrible. If they don’t want to spend the money take a pic with one of the girl’s digital cameras or something. Damn.

  • theshort1

    You people are missing the point. The porpose is to show that they dont have any money for promotions due to having to pay Evelyn so much. So duh they have to use last years pic and do some photoshopping. You dont need money for that.

  • ReRe

    Meeka looks like Sheryl Underwood. *shivers*

  • king

    i look like kayne west and im fly in gucci all the time follow my road 2 fame on twitter @theekingbee mixtape cumin soon..i will follow you back promise!!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    EWWWWW!!! This is awful. And will Suzie eally be back after wll the drama of leaving? Not impressed with the use of last year’s pic.

  • T

    Look like this new one trying to be evil-lyn (who look fat and still have the bingo arms) and Jen too much. She’s not pretty. I rwmealky thought my girl Tami said she didn’t want to be part of it, if she was just for drama, but look like the money trump$.

  • T

    Typo: really

  • jr

    the new girl Meeka is kinda on the ugly side

  • taeb

    Jen cute. yea Meeka look like trash

  • Cammie

    In looking at the Basketball Wives Reunion, I can see that Evelyn did not confront Shaunie about the Tami ex issue. Evelyn felt hurt and betrayed, but she did not confront her like she confront everyone else. Evelyn is like a mad dog in a room of bloody meat when she is in the room with other women. With Evelyn, you don’t know if you are the next one she is going to maul.

  • On-the-fence

    not too crazy about the new chick, she already startin stuff and this is just the first episode. Tami look crazy as I don’t know what in this episode. Meeka should not be talkin about people to other people that she just met. Oh, and evelyn is foolish. All of them just need to caaaaallmmm dowwwnnn. Oh, and another thing, I do not think I would shop at a place called Tami’s lol

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