Is It Ever Okay For A Man To Hit A Woman??

- By Bossip Staff

You already know the answer to this one, right?

Most of us do; yet, that doesn’t negate the fact that hundreds of thousands of women remain in relationships where a man is physically abusing them. They’ll make all kind of excuses. “It was just once.” “He just choked me a little bit.” The list goes on. No matter how crafty or clever the reason, there’s no excuse for a man physically assaulting a woman.

We posed this no-brainer to some New Yorkers and we got a couple of …interesting answers.

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    • AMBER

      its never ok for a man to hit a woman. but lets cut the bull. its not alright for somebody to be hitting on their man either. people should not be hitting people, whenever i see fights between anybody i always equate it to lack of humanity.

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  • Ryda4life

    It’s never ok for a man to hit a woman . In a relationship it is never a good thing for any person to be a victim of violence be it man or woman .

    I think some women get it twisted about this issue of never & use it as an excuse to loose their minds .
    In that case you have to adjust the rule accordingly. Any woman that puts here hands in my pockets that I dont know will get what coming to her!!!!

  • ShawnNeverSettles

    Sometimes you say some F’d up S### but you are funny as hell….lmbo

  • the only

    No. But if she’s trying to kill you like marquis said. …..I understand. But not if you both are arguing and she pushes you and a man punches her uncessary violence he should walk away or do the bear hug her think that’s were problem comes in most ethnic men think she hits me I hit her. ….no because were you have red marks compared to her bloody face and bruises your azz is going to jail. No woman should hit either but if it gets semi violent call the police or walk away instead of. Chris brownin her

  • Daniel

    There is never an excuse to hit a woman, if a woman ever provoked me to the point where I felt like I could hit her, then it (the relationship) would be over in that instant. Its okay to get upset at each other, but the type of confrontational woman that instigates physical abuse by first purpetrating it herself….nope! “We’re done”

  • clarissa

    No! And its wrong to lace his food with the special sauce that will give him a weird periodic tummy ache for the rest of his evil azz life!

  • Allie

    As everyone says, it is never under any circumstances acceptable to hit a woman, however if she is beating the sh*t out of you then you legally have the right to defend yourself, just like anyone else would have

    • TRUE

      I think it depends on the situation. No one should be hitting anyone, period!! But if the woman is acting a fool, loosing control and beating on you then its time to KNOCK HER AZZ OUT, If you can!!!

  • Scatter

    There is only 1 circumstance that I could see myself hitting a woman. If I was ever foolish enough to let a woman come LIVE WITH ME and she had the nerve to bone another dude in MY kingsize bed. I’ll probably knock that b!tches head off.

  • homcidalbrainiac

    The question posed is one-sided. It’s never ok for anyone to hit anyone really. Most men that were raised properly would never hit a woman. Some women choose to exploit this and attempt to push a man to his breaking point. Whatever happens next depends entirely on the type of man with whom you are dealing. It’s funny to me when some chicks are like ‘I’ll fight a man!’…based on pure biology, most women are ill equipped to go hand to hand with a man. That being said men shouldn’t hit women and sometimes women should just shut that yap. My partner and I have the understanding that while he will never lay a hand on me, I in turn will not antagonize him to a breaking point.

    • TRUE


  • geemoenettie

    Everybody keep your hands to yourselves. I have three boys. They better not go around beating down chicks. But they damn sure better not let one beat them down either.

  • mg

    hahahahaha. omg, too funny.

  • J-Girl not down w/the swirl.

    I’m a firm believer of “you’re bad enough to hit”, ” then you’re bad enough to get hit.” I tell my son not to hit women and just walk away if possible. But I told him to defend himself if a woman is really trying to hurt him.

  • kalifa

    and YOU are the first person to bring it up 😦

  • just20

    IF A WOMAN PUTS HER HANDS on A MAN … Hit her back….. & I’m a woman saying that. Because we’re all human & some of them need to be put in Thier place.

  • WithAllHonesty

    LMAO DEAD @ #3

  • Ridiculous 1

    It’s not okay for anyone-male nor female to put their hands on anyone. Things shouldn’t even escalate to such a degree ideally but it does.

  • lady k

    I feel like if a woman raises her son with the notion of if she hit you hit her back then she is setting him up for future failure in a relationship, life n possible jail time. She should teach him to walk away, have self control n never put himself in that position. Women need to realize that you gotta teach these boys to be not just men but REAL men. How can you set your own child up like that to be a failure n most women do initiate but its gonna come down to who was also rasied to be the bigger person. If a mother doesnt love her son then who will? Thats whats wrong with these so called men they never grew up, a man who beats women never matured to a man…they just got older n bigger.

  • Julius

    I’m sorry, lets be real with our selves, women are just as bad as men. Also, yes there are sometimes were a man might need to hit a women, like lying to you about whether the child is yours. Stuff like that, but people wan’t to be all christian-like. Also, I always promise myself that I will never hit a women, but sometimes it’s just right!

    • (_Jasmine_)

      What? Because she lied to you? Let me take it a notch further, because she lied to you about whether that child was your or not…Maybe she didn’t know… She could’ve slept with everybody including Jesus(en espanol)…

      Note: Which I don’t judge whorish behavior because I’m not that person and their body is their own…

  • (_Jasmine_)

    He’s not the only celebrity out there that abuses their/a women(physically, and visibly)… Funny thing is, there was a footage of Jay-Z hitting a woman and yet he never got ostracized like Chris Brown did…

  • (_Jasmine_)

    I understand there are many women who thrive on getting men riled up for no reason, but the answer is No NO NO… There’s so many ways to deescalate a situation without being violent with a woman…. Her punches compared to yours is not the same amount of force…Even if she has a knife, learn techniques to subdue her without punching her like the two of you are in a boxing ring… Although,if she has a gun, the answer is obvious (I hope)…

    • Bloodshot Third Eye

      You are asking every man to be a hand to hand combat expert when they have a WEAPON pulled on them? Seriously get out of here with that. Because her blows aren’t the same strength as yours doesn’t mean they don’t hurt and can’t do damage if she gets a lucky one in. And if she’s armed no man should be tasked with trying to judo chop the weapon out of her hand. I don’t think people that think like you are grounded in reality at all.

      So using your logic what if the woman is much larger than the guy? Is he justified in punching her then? Also using the same logic if a much smaller man attacked your man with a knife would you expect him to try to subdue him with an expert brazilian jiu jitsu take down or would you expect him to knock the joker’s teeth down his throat?
      I pray you do not have sons and then have the misfortune of teaching them this and they end up on a cold slab in a morgue because momma told them never hit a woman and some chick slices his throat while he’s foolishly trying to “disarm them”.



  • http://google Wicked

    My question is how can a man hit a woman then be stupid enough to ask her to fix him something to eat? A “special ” meal could send his sorry arse to ICU or worse.

  • Boondock Saint

    If a woman treats me like her personal punching bag because I have a Y chromosome… Mama said KNOCK YOU OUUUUUUT!!!!!!


    if you consider the fact, that half the boyz that call themselves men are really just boyz, who want to be a men and don’t know how (you feel me). I can you expect someone who has never been raise to treat a womean right, because they had no one around to show them to know that it not right. Most boyz have seen man hit women and the women are ok with it, so in their eyes it ok. What a sorry bunch boyz we r creating.

  • ask the navy seals if it's ever OK to pop a cap in an arab b!tch's a$$ ...

    then ask YOURSELF “why just arabs”.

  • moe johnson

    @ Rozzie Rozzie I agree that there is a lot of boys pretending to be men, I don’t agree with the fact that you brought up the way they were taught. Any man makes his own decisions and hopefully it will turn out to be the best decision. I was taught that if someone puts there hands on you,male and female, put you hands on them and make them never want to do that to anyone again. I was taught that by my mother,who just so happens to be a woman! I don’t necessarily live by those teachings. So really I think men and women should not be resorting to childhood learnings in an adult situation.

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