Follow Your Heart: Are RihRih And Breezy Back In Love Tweet Love?

- By Bossip Staff

The DM’s have to be poppin’ off. RihRih and Breezy have made a connection online, on Twitter to be specific. It was recently revealed that the former couple is now following each other.

When one of Rih’s Navy hit her up to remind her young girls are influenced by her actions, RihRih didn’t hesitate to clap back!

It might not be the altar, but any hot-blooded young single Tweeter knows that when you are following someone who is following you back, all kinds of interesting things go on via direct message.

Do you think Rihanna is sending the wrong message by following her convicted abuser?

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  • Judah

    There is no rationality in love…That is as simple as it gets. Good luck to em..No

    • People_with_Jobs_and_a_Life

      who gives a …bleep….

    • coco lover

      Omg , just can’t believe this !
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    • Mimiislandgirl

      SMH what a ‘story’!, Suppose Common should expel Serena from his list too. Didn’t Rihanna go to court and have the distance restictions lifted and in any case how many of us pay attention to all the tweets of everyone we “follow” #nostoryhere

    • kalifa

      who takes twitter seriously?

      all the feuds and now this….
      its all bull$hit 🙂

      people need to get a life

    • tyra

      are u a hoe ? i mean a working girl ?

  • shynehead

    Duh… she was never out of love with dude. Island chix believe in physical drama & makeup sex, that’s how they judge how much of a “man” you are. Please believe… she dream about that cat. If the police werent involved that night this whole episode would be a non-story.

    • islandgal82

      Wow!! really???That was a ignorant thing to say. Well that statement tells alot about your character. SMH

    • mbarrow10

      im a bajan myself and im not measuring man hood by how well they beat me. its just twitter, theres nothing wrong with being civil

    • shynehead

      It’s called purposeful generalization…

      Ok.. “Many” Brooklyn Bajan Jamaican Island chix… that i know, do indeed play those hittin games and they never respect a man who takes their shyt.

      Are you a first generation islander???

    • bouyant

      uhmm no! stop being stupid

    • shynehead

      take it personal if it pertains to you….

    • T3P

      I agree with Shynehead. No woman likes to be hit by a man but i think some island chicks like rihanna like a dude who is capable of blowing up like that and doesn’t take their drama.

    • PinkMe

      I’m Jamaican and all I have to say is SHUT THE FHUCK UP!

    • Sticky-n-Sweet

      I don’t know what dumb island girls you date, but I do NOT believe that a man proves himself by hitting a woman. Thank you, and sit alllll the way down!

  • T

    I hope it’s just innocent
    Chris B seems to have a nice GF and she’s really pretty
    I hope he doesn’t mess that up

    • Mrs. Rance

      I don’t know about the quality of his girlfriend, but he is in a very public relationship. I can’t imagine Rih Rih playing sideline ho to some basic chic.

  • I know

    You just can’t help who you fall in love with….Its best that they both move on without tensions on both part and twitter is the best way to start!

  • Cinderella

    Oh just get back together… Everybody knows she still love him

    • Tiffany

      I agree. At the end of the day she gonna do what the hell she wants. Who are we to judge?

    • CutieReppinNY

      WOW…This is exactly why people on this site look at black women as a joke. We scream we want better, but then we encourage women to go back to men who beat them. Y’all must suffer from battered women’s syndrome and I don’t wanna hear $hit about love. If a man loves you, he doesn’t beat you.

  • soso

    when chris f*cks up and ruins his life again foolin with this crazy girl, i betta not hear a word, see a single tear, or one snot bubble coming out of his nose on tv smdh p.s she wants it to be the alter lmao

  • Jazzmin

    It’s only Twitter. She is trying to move past the situation between her and Chris while the rest of the world wants to continuously bring it up. The way people are acting you would think they got married. Calm down, it’s just Twitter.

  • WithAllHonesty

    So what if she is…

    I really don’t see the problem if they got back together.

    In a relationship with domestic abuse, people always says a woman must leave and he needs to get help. They separated, he got counseling, he said he’s even going to continue to get help, and he paid for his actions.

    Get over it.

    • nyc-mrs.718

      i totally agree wit that..i really dont see the issue wit this..i dont see why musically they cant follow each other and im sure they have fans that follow her and him at the same time..its the immaturity of the “team chris” “team rihanna” bullsh*t that makes ppl upset..ur either on one side or the other…i mean come on thats ridiculous..ITS TWITTER FOLKS..NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!

  • ssquared

    These two were very young when this happened. Just because they are no longer together does not mean that they can not be friends. That is what’s wrong with our young people today. Nobody knows how to forgive and move on. These kids think everything should be made final,ie all the shootings and killings. Let these kids forgive and make up properly. That doesn’t mean that they are getting back together and if they do, so what. I am sure that they have both learned from their mistakes.

  • november

    I actually like them together. And in my opinion, when she was with him, she was A LOT more calm than now. And I hate when people act like celebrities can’t be human because of their fan base. It’s so sad that youth have celebrities to look up to rather than their own family.


      @Novermber :I couldn’t have said it better my self. So agree with you!!

    • Sexy Skorpeio


      Rihanna can be a BIG BYTCH!

      She has snapped at Ciara, her OWN FANS, & San.dra The bytch will check u & cuss u out in a minute

      She need some of the CB special!

  • A Mess wants to know, where is her comment?

    I loved rhianna and chris brown as a couple.

    I also agree with, shynehead, if the police were not called, they would still be together, beating each other up.

    If rhianna and chris brown were not famous, they would have been back together. But, because they are in the public eye, oh don’t mess up your image rhianna by being with a woman beater. You have to set an example for your fans.

  • noble

    People make mistakes.

  • wrong

    I wonder how his girlfriend feels about that?

    • Sexy Skorpeio

      If i were C00chie Tran, I would check tht ho3!

      Aint no need for Rih’s azz to be sniffing around CB after she pressed charges on him & almost ruined his career

      C00chie Tran better say smtg now b4 Rih be tryna sneak into CBs hotel room

  • NiaMonet

    Have any of u dummies heard “She ain’t you” any breezy knows the deal he wants that girl back u can hear it thru the whole album… And she’s tryna to keep her career but they want each other duh! What world do ya’ll live in? Now let’s discuss how they’re still finding bodies in Tuscaloosa… Yeah I thought so shallow mofos…


      Tell them NiaMonet !!



  • pipe 1

    I just don’t like her attitude with her fans, does this b!tch realize we pay for her life style. If you don’t want your business exposed please get out of the spot light


      If you don’t like her attitude then stop supporting her life and ask her for he effin refund if you ever bought her cd’s !!

  • ant

    Im sure this wont last.

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  • G.M.

    lol XD they always come back for more…and whats the main thing y’all say to justify it “they’re in love”, “love has no rationality”…no, women have no rationality becuz they think with their hearts instead of the brain and why its so easy to manipulate them & sell them a nightmare disguised as a dream lol XD…we need to do away with domestic violence charges and programs if this is just gonna be the outcome in the end, lets stop wasting our tax dollars on this bullsh1t knowing these low self-esteem desperate & dependent broads are always gonna go back and only say the PC bullsh1t feminist wanna hear smh

  • Wizdomizthakey


  • prettydew

    history repeats itself!!!!! same script, different day……

  • noble

    And for everybody who talks about the good old days when their grandparents stayed married for 50, 60 years and families didn’t break up… do you really think there wasn’t any domestic violence, verbal abuse, adultery, money mismanagement and everything else you can think of in those 60 years then? Folk did all the stuff then that goes on now, too. They just stayed together. Not saying anyone should stay with a man who beats you upside the head. Just sayin all this stuff that we ‘REFUSE TO put up with’ now because it ‘might’ happen again and ‘child, I will NOT live like that’ ‘I’d rather die alone,’ well, people took risks on people before and they made it somehow for 50 years. But we want no risk now. We want sure bets. Sorry….. There are none.

    • Whatever?

      pretty much!

  • clarkthink

    Yeah,…..and Chris Brown sent one tweet that he deleted because he didn’t wanna sound like Ike Turner,….allegedly the tweet said…”Eat the cake Anna Mae! Eat the Cake!!!!”

  • smart gyal


  • Kim

    I love the way Rihanna handled this in the end, yes she gota little rough with the young fan but she did what mature people do, she apologized and then followed the young lady and DM her. That shows maturity and growth on her part. ALl seems to be well now but of course the blogs will take it all out of context and not tell the whole story . SMDH!! Its their perogative to follow each other on Twitter.

  • Peter


  • LilyWhiteGirl

    Shes a beyotch & hes an @sshole, they deserve each othr. The restraining order has already been lifted, so lets get ready 4 Tyson v holyfield redux.

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