Coupled Up: Ciara And Amar’e “D*ck Sending” Stoudemire Spotted In Miami Living The Good Life

- By Bossip Staff

Ci-Error and her sexting-addicted jawn, Amar’e Stoudemire, were spotted in M-I-Yayo doing things that couples do after one gets caught creepin via text…riding jet skis and scooters and ish.

CiCi was also seen adjusting her rack and such.

Check out more shots of the “fun” down yonder.

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  • oppomp5

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  • Blue Moon

    This is what she always wanted and she sho is happy da cameras caught it..u go cici u n ur future husbanK

    • Really?

      Girl puh-lease! Happy? I didn’t see her smiling or happy in 1 pix.
      I say this is the FAKE. This is an arranged date to have Ciara save face.

  • ShawnNeverSettles

    Well at least she is having fun and he is willing to take her out in public…
    It seems as though less and less people want a real relationship anymore, they seen to just want someone they can HOOK UP with , do the deed and go on with their lives until the next time they want to “RELEASE”.

    • ShawnNeverSettles


  • Keep it Real

    Oh, She’s wearing something around her waist. WTF is that about? What female celebrity with a great body under 40 does that?????

    • JJ

      She has a great body but maybe she’s not an exhibitionist. A lot of young women wear mini-wraps on the beach.

    • ShawnNeverSettles

      The ones that have a man that wants respect from them and doesn’t want everyone seeing his goods. I know it’s a beach and all but when a man looks at a woman in a different way, he becomes over protective of her as well as jealous sometimes. (Not saying I know that’ what it is but she has never been this way in the past so the only difference I see in this is “The man” is different.

    • ShawnNeverSettles

      Yeah, I have but he may go along with what she has to do for “business purposes” but when it somes to being with him, that may be another story….I feel ya, I said the samething you said until I thought about it….may not be it but that was the only thing I came up with. Women tend to tone it down when it comes to a man that has potential, they want to appear more wholesome, not that it’s game or anything, she may be maturing in that area. When women have gone through things a few times with men we tend to look at the need to change something and maybe that’s it, she felt the need to change HER to become a better person and to be looked at by him in a way that he takes her seriously.

  • lb

    She totally has implants. She was thicker when Goodies came out, and she had nowhere near that much up top. Guess she needs to even out the muscles with the curves. Her body would still be sick either way. Get it CiCi! Make some hits now!

    • ShawnNeverSettles

      You are right about the implants,…..I have them and what she is doing is making sure they are still fully in the top because she is not all the way use to them yet… can be a trip…lol

  • Tasha

    He ain’t cute at all.

    • Hmm....

      NOT AT ALL!!!! But SO I dont care.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Looks like they are having a great time. Wish I was on the daxn beach!! Enjoy your life y’all!!

  • Dawud Adib

    I say to Amare “PLAY ON PLAYA!!”

    he’s doing it the way I would if I had the $$$

  • Life

    black love…gotta to love it.

    • ShawnNeverSettles

      When it’s real, you got that right, it’s a beautiful thing!

  • JJ

    LOL! You could also run into Osama Bin Laden’s remains.

    The beach is not for hygiene freaks though.

  • plunt

    i love cici…haters fall back dont u have a rihanna post to read???

  • frankiestage

    Ciara gonna have to continue her record career though because this basketball player, like most of them, will be broke by 40.

  • anonymus

    Someone Had A Boob Job ;D

  • deChanel.

    Wait Whole Up That Boob Job Is Tottaly Noticeable! ”I Fell Bad FoR tHE lOwSelF-Easteem Ci~Ci”Lol Please.

  • severine

    They are both attractive with nice lean bodies. Good match!

  • deChanel.

    OPPOMP5 IS A SCAM I REPEAT S C A M ! lols im messy =B

  • Sasha Flop

    Ciara hit the JACKPOT!! that brother is swinging THICK!!

  • http://Bossip Caramel Peach

    i guess since she aint on a major label she has a public relationship

  • Life

    These pics make me proud. Love seeing black love and them enjoying themselves at the beach LIVING life. Perfect. They look good tonight. Right on Cici and Amare. Proud of yall. Keep it up.

  • king

    gotta luv CC anywayy…follow my road 2 fame on twitter @theekingbee i will follow bac!!

  • mimi

    he is one weird looking dude. ugly actually.

  • Miss Leigh

    Her body is the truth! That is all.

  • D.T

    nice looking couple..its good to see black love

  • Really?

    No surgery. Ciara is wearing a push up bra. It’s a Victoria’s Secret Pink bikini.

  • Nicole


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