Random Ridiculousness: Flavor Flav Is Going On A Comedy Tour

- By Bossip Staff

Somebody please tell Flav that it’s okay for him to just retire now.

After shutting down his reality show dough by marrying his baby mama, embarrassing Public Enemy to the point they may never stand next to him on stage again, and effin up his fried chicken entrepreneurship, Flav has decided that his checks need to come from stand up comedy.

He is set to launch Flavor Flav’s Freaky Comedy Tour this summer, hitting several cities, AllHipHop.com reports.

Flav has already booked gigs in Charlotte, North Carolina in August and will hit Neenah, Wisconsin in October… that already doesn’t sound promising.

No word as to whether Flav will be joined by any actual comedians on his tour, or whether he’ll be on his Charlie Sheen solo-dolo steez.

Pure comedy or pure coonery?

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  • Msns

    Tom Foolery! Lol!

    • hair

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  • chris a. black

    good move flav….for those of you on the outside…eat sheet..the man is gifted..king of snaps…master of 15 musical instruments with no formal training and the best thing is he got out the projects…i seen you get jumped into the b.gangsters when ya was 16..id rather see you doing comedy shows then making dudes take off everything like we used too..or moving them thangs…and no more carrying and banging that .38 you loved…do ya thing partner you made it…and you didnt have to have a jump shot..or work a 9-5,,you are too creative like ya dad and militant like ya moms to follow grown nobodys..

  • chris a. black

    i made my bones in the streets long ago..i am the streets n get luv everyhood in the country from compton to stop 6,tx..vh1 did not touch on his true street cred..he aint meet chuck n dem untill they moved to the velt at 17..but he was always n will always b of a special crew…i have my lane in this billion dollar hiphop culture of ours..n it aint in the music..r you just a customer or are you living it…girls is easy..blowing your business to take care of the familu is the challenge…you talking girls..lol..ricco dee(aka flav)keep living..

  • beautifull

    *Flavor flav*
    Yo mama so damn skinny the bytch takez bathz n the kitchen sink then dry off with a dish towel!

    *confused murmerz from the crowd*

    *flavor flav*
    Thankz for your time.. And moneyzz!! (runz)

  • Daniel

    @Chris…you really go hard for flava flav huh? I need not say more for those who pick up on your sexual driven anger at anyone who says anything about ya boy Flava Flav. I prefer women myself, but hey its 2011. Even trolls need love. Make sure you claim that on your taxes as charity…anybody who loves that n@gga has got to be a member of the “make a wish foundation”.

  • igbonigeria

    Is he going to perform in blackface , red lipstick and a tall top hat ?



  • tommykimon

    From Hypeman to Comedian? OK.

  • Jamaican Princess

    Unless he’s going there to carry a comedian’s bag, this is not ok!

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