Newt Gingrinch Calls President Obama A “Food Stamp President,” Turns Around And Says He’s Not Racist

- By Bossip Staff

SMH. We have to listen to this fathead talk for fifteen more months.

In his first official speech as a presidential candidate, he was up to more of the same bullsh*t he’s been spewing about President Obama since the 2008 elections.

Returning to the state where he launched his political career more than three decades ago, the Republican former House speaker presented himself in sharp contrast to President Obama, whom he derided as a “food stamp president.” Gingrich sounded a hopeful tone as he pledged that a Gingrich administration would reaffirm American exceptionalism.

“My theme is going to be: Together we can win the future. The right policies lead to the right results. And I’m going to argue that President Obama will lose the future because the wrong policies lead to the wrong results,” Gingrich said in a dinner speech before hundreds of activists at the Georgia Republican Party’s annual convention. He also signed his official statement of candidacy at the event.

“We’re at the crossroads,” Gingrich said, repeatedly sniffling from allergies. “Down one road is a European centralized bureaucratic socialist welfare system in which politicians and bureaucrats define the future. Down the other road is a proud, solid, reaffirmation of American exceptionalism.”

Central to that promise, he said, would be eliminating the capital gains and estate taxes and reducing the corporate income tax from 35 percent to 12.5 percent. Those tax cuts, as well as freezing the personal income tax rates at their current Bush-era levels, is critical to creating jobs and spurring innovation, he said.

“The most important social welfare program in America is a job,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich sought to lay blame for the recession, as well as the economic and social upheaval in Detroit, on Obama and his policies. “President Obama is the most successful food stamp president in American history,” Gingrich said. “I would like to be the most successful paycheck president in American history.”

He ran his mouth some more, saying that President Obama, the Commander In Chief who finally led the military to finding Osama bin Laden, “has no clue about foreign affairs.”

But we’re still stuck on that “food stamp president comment.” Of course, it created plenty of backlash: many people definitely felt he wouldn’t have described a White president that way.

And the backlash makes no sense to Newt.

‘That’s bizarre. What I said is factually true,’ he said, pointing out that one of every six Americans receives food stamps.

‘And to hide behind the charge of racism? I have never said anything about President Obama which is racist.’

Asked about how he thinks Mr Obama views America, Mr Gingrich said: ‘Look, I believes he loves America. I think he has a very different vision of what America is.’

He added that he is ‘fairly confident’ that Obama does not believe in ‘American exceptionalism.’

Yes. Fifteen more months until Republicans narrow it down to one candidate. Let’s hope we don’t have to hear Gingrich run his mouth past that.

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  • I Am Legend ( Allergic To Darkies)

    Well temm me something about Newt that we didnt knoiw

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  • E$

    President Kennedy’s first Executive Order called for expanded food distribution and, on February 2, 1961

    • JenB

      That’s what I’M talking about! Apparently he’s forgotten that little bit of history! Great job!

  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    This is the Republican logic that got us a national debt that is 100% of GDP. No matter what the problem, the solution is to cut taxes on the rich. What kind of idiot thinks that the solution to a defecit is to cut revenue. We actually tried that before under Reagan and Bush II and the deficit exploded.

    • WithAllHonesty

      I agree, the trickle down theory doesn’t always work. And it’s not going help today’s economy for sure.

  • JM@gic(Trini man for life)

    Well is he?

  • Tony Redds

    This is more smoke and mirrors to solidify 2012 for Obama. The public falls for the rhetoric everytime. First Trump, now this guy.

  • Repulicants dont care 4 blacks

    Please recognize this mans level of crazy
    blacks do not account for high food stamp receivers..WHITES stand up

    • B'More


    • D. NICE

      Cant they see that whites luv this man! Hes not going anywhere. like my man said theyre recieving much more benefit than blacks!!! believe that..

  • Sasha FLOPPED!

    LOL, republicans never learn. this is going to go down as the easiest re-election of any President in history LOL.

  • #justsayin

    he’s another old white man like john Mccain. white men their age only see black people in one light. their mentality is still in the pre-Civil Rights era, when they were hanging black men from trees at random. really listen to what he’s saying, and you’ll see that what he really wants is to take the whole country back to that state of mind.


  • dayg715

    of course he says he’s not racist. white people never admit to their racist nature. they always try to make it seem like everyone else is racist.

  • LOL

    LOL, as if this guy stood a chance in hell against Obama LOL

  • lynn

    Exactly @10:24

    They actually follow up with I have black friends.

  • lynn

    I meant exactly@10:23

  • Boondock Saint

    Considering that white people are the majority of welfare cases, his little racist double-talk kinda backfired.

  • noble

    The feds create this food stamp game to benefit them then blame you for it. Incredible.


    Newt throws the concept of “American Exceptionalism” around…as if he knows what it means.

  • confidently_ugly

    What a waste of white skin
    -Paul Mooney

  • Getem

    “Obama runs a “Chicago style” campaign to “coerce” money out of the American people”

    Hint, hint. Wink, wink

  • MzMula

    Does this fool not realize that if there were no food stamp program that means that 1 of every 6 Americans will be starving, I know plenty of people who work and have a job and still get food stamps, I receive food stamps and work 2 jobs by the time I pay all the bills I have $50 to spend on food for my family for the entire month and $50 can’t feed a family food stamps are a neccessity, so my final thoughts is if another republican end up in the white house they are going to mess up America more than Bush did, not a recession but a full out depression, more crime against the wealthy because of their tax cuts and lesser jobs, next thing you know the United States would be just another third world country.

  • esi

    Remember the bumper sticker in the 80’s/90’s “Mute Newt” and the AmeriCorps that got fired for booing Newt when they sat in on a House session.

    He’s such a hypocrite, this man, his first wife and their familyu were practically on every social welfare program while working on his degrees at Emory and Tulane. Check it out on A & E Biography.

  • esi

    Thanks Newt, Sarah and the Tea Baggers for giving Obama the Presidency in 2012.

  • truth serum

    For one thing, people need to learn how to address the president. All these politicians refuse to even use the standard greeting of Mr. President or President Obama. I believe that they say “Mr. Obama” on purpose.

  • always knew

    I am so sick of all these RACIST REPUBLICANS…

    I am not a Democrat, but you are, making me one with this racist a– bs..

    Whitebread cracka a-s cracka..

  • Michelle

    Did’t this guy cheat on his wife? Anyone who cheats on their spouse should not even think about running for Presidency!If they cheat on their spouse, their integrity is questionaable, ad they aren’t trust worthy! I wouldn’t vote for him based off the content of his character!! Isn’t that MLK said?

    • geemoenettie

      MLK had his share of affairs darling. =)

    • Sanriobaby =^.^=

      Actually, he cheated on one of his wives when she was battling cancer. He’s on his THIRD marriage. He’s a real winner….

    • 2012 NOW

      LOL! Bet you voted for Clinton?
      And would have voted for Edwards?


    Hey Newt….the 1980’s called.They want their “code speech” back.

  • sweetheart

    ^ but did he try and run for president darling?

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