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Last week we discussed sex on the first night and I was clear in stating that it should not be a weekly occurrence so now let’s discuss how many is too many. Yes I’m talking about sexual partners! Let’s start off with a simple analogy.

A woman goes into a store and wants to buy a dress. She knows that these dresses have been through some things before she got to them. Depending on the packaging, the retail associates who stocked these dresses might have tossed them around a bit; shoot even the manufacturer may have mishandled the dress a little. However the dress still comes out with minor scrapes and bruises and will look fabulous on you ladies that very same day. But then the dress starts getting tried on by multiple persons, finally a woman too big tries it on and all hell breaks loose.

Now ladies when you walk into that store, you want the dress that has been through the least. This isn’t a thrift shop; you want your dress to sparkle. Well, maybe it’s time that some women start treating their bodies as they would treat a dress. No one wants a worn out, too stretched out dress or woman for that matter.

Bringing us to today’s topic. How many is too many when it comes to sexual partners?

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