Wait, WHAT?! Shannon Brown Puts Himself On Blast, Denies Affair With Pau Gasol’s Ex

- By Bossip Staff

Shannon Brown took to Twitter over the weekend to address some rumors, and has been quiet ever since.

In one tweet, Monica’s baller hubby made it very clear that he was not behind the rumored Lakers infighting.

Here’s the problem: no one had heard otherwise. Last week, we did hear whispers that Vanessa Bryant might have been behind Gasol’s recent break-up. A couple of days later, Gasol seemed to confirm the rumors.

But now Brown makes this statement and disappears from Twitter. Meanwhile, Monica tweeted this scripture.

On Saturday, Browns were in Atlanta getting their proud-parent on as Monica’s oldest made a speech at his school’s awards banquet. She tweeted this photo, with the caption “Family First.”

The couple was later spotted coupled-up at Atlanta hood nightclub Central Station.

So, is the Browns’ relationship that strong that, as newlyweds, they can take a rumor like this in stride? Or should we be expecting a “Shannon’s account was hacked” statement?

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  • Goldball12

    I think they did the right thing. Nip it in the bud and dead ish b4 it becomes an out of control rumor.

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    • Greeneyez0712

      Nip it??? He just made himself a suspect in the whole situation…..lol… Monica cant win…. Dam!!!

    • JM@gic(Trini man for life)

      Not only did know one give a shyt,but they just made for good sports talk about the Lakers demise…..Can anyone on the Lakers not put there Stick in another woman

    • hair

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  • sportstalk23

    What in the Days of Our Lives hell is going on with this teamn lol. Clearly Andrew Bynum hit on something when he said the Lakers had trust issues. It goes way beyond typical basketball and locker room shyt. All we have to do is wait this out and Phil will put out what really happened in his next book lol. Although I read about this rumor on another board, why even address something like that Shannon,go about ur business with your new wife Monica, now all you did was give yall scrutiny and the spotlight

    • WithAllHonesty

      I agree. I think this happens whenever you get too comfortable with co workers. Some forget this a job.

    • 2dimplzs

      Yall know Monica made him address it! Shannon is in his early 20’s, Monica is 30. He did what he was told, lol! But on the real, he made himself look MORE GUILTY and brought light to something that none of us was even privy to! Maybe it was a rumor in LA….but it didn’t reach the rest of the world until Shannon opened his BIG MOUTH! Now it’s the topic of conversation on ESPN, gossip blogs and every other gossip rag!!! SMH……….

  • sonya

    i wish shannon wasn’t married,because i would sure love to sit on his face lmao

  • http://mediaoutrage.com/2011/05/16/shannon-brown-denies-sleeping-with-pau-gasols-chick/ Media Outrage » Blog Archive » Shannon Brown Denies Sleeping With Pau Gasol’s Chick

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  • gray

    Just because “we” didn’t hear about it, doesn’t mean that the rumor didn’t/doesn’t exist. Maybe it was something floating around in their NBA clique and he wanted to put it out there before it gained a serious audience . Monica is ‘winning’ right now. I think she finally found the one.

    • Greeneyez0712

      You are never winning with a athlete….. NO Bueno!!!!! Lol…

  • white male

    it was probably Kobe

  • Wendy

    Yes, nip it in the bud!!! I’m cheer-leading for Shannon and Monica…….


      I COSIGN…

  • G.M.

    I love it when women turn to scriptures when rumors of their mans infidelity surface…they be like “I think my man cheatin, I need to read some scriptures, help me Jebus, Jebus help me…Hallelujer!!!” lol XD…Shaunie better keep in eye out, she might have a potential new recruit for BBWives 😉

    • WithAllHonesty

      Oh that show where you don’t even have to be an actual wife LMAO?

    • FaReelDoe

      Ooo u stoopoid LOL

    • Fridayspecial

      Lol I don’t think he cheating but this is true.

    • LatinaSabrosa

      lordamercy! I hate that too. LOL


    Wasn’t Shannon Brown living with his girl and their newborn when Monica came along?hhhmmm If the rumors are true sounds like good old fashioned karma to me 🙂

  • intuitivepisces

    Someone hijacked my twitter in 5…4…3…2…

  • lively09

    Athletes are known to cheat, so I’m sure Monica is aware of this, so it should not be a surprise.



  • JaZzIe91

    Maybe dude just wanted to clear the air.

    And why is Monica quoting bible scriptures? #SMH

  • JM@gic(Trini man for life)

    This is a GED website,they want to know what to ask because they dont have a etcher sketch to write shyt down

  • exotica

    He made himself look guilty by taking the time out to deny the rumors. Why even acknowledge it if it’s not true?

    monica looks pretty though

    • Fridayspecial

      Yes because if somebody dropped ur name in some bullsh1t you’d just let it roll down the hill.

  • Kesha Smith

    Sorry but they will never last. They did not take the time needed to build a solid foundation before marrying. This is the beginning of much more to come.

  • Curious1

    This is so Punk-ish…The Lakers are generally good players…naw…Cheerleaders to KOBE the Diana “DIVA” Ross of the team….but somehow…nationally..few people really even Like these Mugs as People or America’s Team…IF VanessaKobe started this rumor..she is one Mean Childish lil Burrito Beach..yeah I said it…

    • Fridayspecial

      I’m more mad that U called her a childish lil burrito beach over callin my boy Kobe Diana Ross. Now eveytime I think of Venessa I gotta think of a childish lil burrito lmfaoooo

    • JM@gic(Trini man for life)

      Well if anyone can destroy a championship team its the Bryant’s….this dude or his wife are always in people shyt,how can anyone be a fan of this other than the titles



  • isaywutuscared2

    Everyone is sayin they never heard Shannon’s name mentioned which is true the mainstream media has not released any details of the situation other then Kobe’s wife starting ish. Maybe that’s what she started. Maybe she and Kobe tried to put a bug in Pau and his girls ear cause they’re jealous of the attention that Shannon and Monica are getting and no one is thinking about they a$$ now.


      What attention? Shannon needs to focus ALL OF HIS ATTENTION on basketball or he will be in the D league. Nobody gives a rat’s vagina about these two nincompoops. Monica tweets all of her business, other than that, nobody really cares.

  • wtfever

    Wish Mo and Shannon nothing but the best. This world tries to tear down the good so much its a shame.

  • Carmel

    Who cares???

  • NQ

    lol this is too funny and so are the comments! He look extra, extra slow.

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  • uknoitsromaro

    twitter and facebook destroy relationships… Geesh, let people be people

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