Tell Em Why You Mad! Carlos Santana Goes Off On Georgia And Arizona For Shady Immigration Bills And He Does It At A Braves Game

- By Bossip Staff

Carlos Santana speaks his mind and he’s not effing around. The Atlanta Braves had their annual Civil Rights game where they honor people that contribute to civil rights, and decided to give Santana a Beacon Of Change award for his work. Instead of humbly taking his award, Santana decided to hop on his soap box and admonish Georgia and Arizona for their racist strict immigration laws. He grabbed the mic and screamed “The people of Arizona, and the people of Atlanta, Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

In case you didn’t know, Georgia just passed a law that required employers to check immigration statuses and allows law enforcement to check for citizenship – which also allows for profiling. Here’s the rest of what Santana had to say:

“This is about fear. Stop shucking and jiving. People are afraid we’re going to steal your job. No, we aren’t. You’re not going to change sheets and clean toilets. …This is the United States. This is the land of the free. If people want the immigration laws to keep passing, then everybody should get out and leave the American Indians here.”

Take that, suckas. Don’t cross Santana because clearly he does not care about who he makes mad. Good for him.

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