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We thought that racist “research” like this was a thing of the past.

A recent Psychology Today article conducted a survey concluding that Black women were “objectively” less attractive than women of other races. The study came when interviewees were asked to rate their interviewer based on attractiveness. According to their ratings, Black women had the lowest average. The faulty logic – three subjects per race rated over a seven year period – is bad enough. But the author goes on to explain his reasons for the discrepancy, which takes things up a racist notch.

Some of the possibility is attributed to “race difference in intelligence” and the fact that Black women are thicker than other women. He also goes on to wonder if the fact that “mutations” within the African-American community have anything to do with the “low attractiveness.” Finally, it’s possible that higher levels of testosterone found in Africans leads to Black women being less attractive.

Basically, faulty logic + racism = one horribly ridiculous and racist piece of research that makes us all want to barf. Head over to read the whole thing if you want. It’ll just make you angry.

Or check out TAP’s original story on the fiasco here.



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