Update: Child Services Takes 8-Year-Old Beauty Princess From Botox Mom

- By Bossip Staff

Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly a happy ending…

But 8-year-old Britney Campbell has been taken away from the mother who thought it was a good idea to pump her little face with Botox to win pagents.

A person with knowledge of the situation told ABC News that the girl, Britney, is doing well but did not offer more detail on the ongoing investigation into the girl’s mother, Kerry Campbell.

On Friday, the San Francisco Human Services Agency, launched an investigation into Campbell after she admitted to “Good Morning America” that she injected botox into her daughter’s face to help her in beauty pageants.

“It’s pretty unusual for a mom to be injecting an 8-year-old with botox and certainly is grounds for an investigation,” said Trent Rohrer of the San Francisco Human Services Agency on Friday.

Campbell and daughter Britney, appeared on “Good Morning America” last week defending the 8-year-old pageant contestant’s use of botox.

“I just, like, don’t, like, think wrinkles are nice on little girls,” Britney said.

Britney admitted it hurt to get the injections on her face, but said she was used to the pain.

The admission sparked an uproar online, in the medical community and by child advocates.

Campbell told ABC News that she does not believe she’s endangering Britney’s health and that her daughter asked for the injections. The mom is a part-time aesthetician and no stranger to botox herself, having done the treatment on her own face.

As happy as we are to hear that, for once, child services has moved quickly in a situation, we gotta wonder if this is the right thing. This little girl has been taken away from the only home she’s ever known.

Not that we’re condoning her lunatic mother, but do you think taking Britney away was the right decision?


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  • deede

    yes i think that the right thing was done the mental abruse n the effects in the long run from the use of botox on the little girl is yet to show she dont like winkle on little girls wtf is wrong with todays parents

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    • kalifa

      now she’ll get wrinkles and be in a foster home…. 😦

    • kalifa

      other things to take kids away for:
      – piercing their ears
      – circumcising boys
      – applying chemical relaxers to girls’ nappy hair


  • That little girl looks like JLo

    Wow! Oh well. I hope she can be saved from the influence her mother’s already had. It’s sad, but people need better parenting skills.

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    I like how they quoted the 8 year old word for word. Her mom was crazy to show the world that she was abusing this child, but Im glad she did. The proof is in the botox.

  • 2dimplzs

    The mother is clearly a unstable, SICK LUNATIC so YES, they did the right thing in taking this girl away from her!!! What sane woman in her right mind would go that far and do that to their child because they have this sick need to win beauty pagents, AND their idea of beauty is sick and twisted to begin with??? The long term effects on this little girl physically and mentally cannot be good. SMH…….

    • KenaSipoy

      and what about the women who put chemical relaxers on their children’s hair when it’s been proven by research that it could be damaging? Do you think child services should remove their children since they are at risk. I’m not saying the mother should have done it but if she consulted a doctor and decided for it being a licensed health professional then that’s her way of parenting. What about the woman who had her daughter undergo plastic surgery to fit in at school? Child services has yet to approach her and thats more permanent then Botox. I don’t think anyone can judge anyone else.

  • Nana

    “I just, like, don’t, like, think wrinkles are nice on little girls,” Britney said!

    Sad sad sh!t

  • ShawnNeverSettles

    It’s a shame that it took ALL of this to make it happen, really, seriously?!…..I guess the other parents all around her didn’t see anything wrong with this…. I wonder just how many of these parents go to extremes like this that we don’t know about, because apparently she felt comfortable enough to go on T.V. due to it possibly being normal to those around her…SMGDH!!!

  • whadda

    The child was more than likely placed with a relative. The mom will get her child back when she can proove that she got her mind right.

  • lively09

    It’s sad she was taken from her mom, but clearly the mother has issues. Hopefully the girl is with relatives that care and love her. The mom needs some mental therapy, because there are some deep rooted issues going on.

  • Kenedy

    Damn…that was quick….FEMA should have been this quick during hurricane Katrina

  • kia

    Poor baby first the injections and now being taken from all she knows…the mom is an idiot but I believe taking her from her mom will cause more problems in the future.

  • Goldball12

    The idiot Doctor who performed the procedure should be arrested. No telling what side effects that baby is going to endure :/

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  • nursedred

    First off this lady had no license to administer botox and second the botox she used was black market. Third 8 year olds don’t have wrinkles so she’s injecting into imaginary areas. Put it all together and she’s too crazy to be trusted but eventually she should get her kid back

  • JayJay Growlings

    her mom was OBVIOUSLY controllin what she said in the interview. disgraceful woman.

  • tae1

    I think, her mom is an idiot. She is a child how can a child say mom I want Botox in my face. My 7 year old don’t even know what botox is. All my child know of is eat, sleep, play, school. Kids do not have wrinkles, and yes i’m glad child services stepped in. aint this the same women that waxes her daughter bikini area so she would not grow hair there when she gets older. SMH this women is sick and she’s making her daughter into something that she always wanted to be. I feel as though her mom just need to get taught a lesson for awhile but give the child back when her mom has the right mind set to get her back. This little girl loves her mom and pretty sure her mom lover her daughter and in her sick mind she felt like she was not doing anything wrong. so yes she should get her back after a couple of months of counseling.

  • BABYDOLL 2011


  • SouthernGal

    Honestly, I don’t think it was the right to take her from her mom. I agree that botox was a bit much but its not like she’s not being fed or left home alone or sexually abused. She should have been issued a warning to stop doing it (she stated that she knew other pageant mothers that also did it). There are much worse cases that they should be focusing on, i know a few myself….

  • Vanesssa

    A sad ending but just like a criminal who has been sentenced to jail for a crime and has to do time she has to take fool blame for her actions within society we are to protect our children this would be a good cause for child abuse for instance you have a mother on drugs if she had children they would definitely be taken into custody by child services this doesnt make it right either same thing only difference she is injecting drugs into her child this is child abuse she doesnt have a certification or doctrate to practice injecting any thing into another human we have to learn from our mistakes and take responsibility for our actions dont get me wrong i feel for the lil girl but you live and learn her mother was completely wrong for her actions and taking the child serves to be in the best interest.And on another note at this young age she was also being mentally abused due to fact that she is being told that her young age she has to have botox to stay pretty and succeed in life so i show know sympathy for the mother she needs to take full responsibility for her actions she was the adult.


    This is exactly why kid are growing up to be insecure, committing suicide , and having all these damn plastic surgery. This little girl is going to grow up thinking that she is not pretty ENOUGH. Enough is never going Enough. Poor baby. I truly think the mom needs help, she should def need to go through some counseling. Seem like she has some self esteem issues.

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