The Ol’ Ball-And-Chain: Ci-Error Plays Tag-Along With Ballin’ Boo Amar’e During “Guys Night Out”

- By Bossip Staff

Now we all know that a man needs his space, wonder if Ci-Ci knows that?

The relationship between Amar’e Stoudemire and Ciara is so close, the singer joined her Knicks boyfriend on his night out with the boys in Miami this weekend. Stoudemire partied with 15 male friends at Prime One Twelve in South Beach. But when the group went to party at club Cameo, Ciara met up with her basketball beau, who danced alongside her all night. Sources said that while Stoudemire kept his focus on his lady, security guards had to shoo away female admirers who tried in vain to get his attention.

Damn, homie can’t even enjoy a lil time with the fellas to chill out and eye-ball the ladies drink a beer without ol’ girl finding her way into the mix.

Ladies, do you ever show up to hang out with your man while he’s kickin’ it with his friends??

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  • hair

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  • Keep it Real

    I hope this works out. I just have a feeling that a lot of female night crawlers are going to try both of them. She’s going to have to be secure and not smother him. If he’s going to creep he needs to make sure the night crawler ain’t trying to break them up for her own 15 minutes.

    • Chase The Jock

      I like the way you think, folk.. You tend to have a conservative perspective, nonetheless; you always offer clear & concise insight.. Keep up the good work.. 🙂

  • Blue Moon

    Where r da pix tho? But That is y guys end up leaving yo a$$.


    looks like shes havin more fun than he is.

  • Mrs. Rance

    It was probably planned. He went to one club with the boys and the other they did together. What’s the problem?

  • It's Me

    nice couple, I hope it works out for them…

  • Nana

    Anyway Ci_ci enjoy urself while it last! U know how these ballers do

  • Nayya

    The photo of his face in the pics I’ve seen says this will be over faster than the sweep that the Dallas Mavericks put on the Lakers. Not hatingt, just sayin, be ready to move on Ci-Ci, ballers aren’t worth migraines they produce when you’re with them.

  • Nayya

    The photo of his face in the pics I’ve seen says this will be over faster than the sweep that the Dallas Mavericks put on the Lakers. Not hating, just sayin, be ready to move on Ci-Ci, ballers aren’t worth migraines they produce when you’re with them.

    • nee nee

      I agree! in most of the pics…they are not even standing next to each..not holding hands, not looking at each other, he is looking off. she is more into him than he is her. smh.

    • Amen

      The photos that have been circulated recently is merely ” DAMAGE CONTROL “. Neither Ciara nor Amare addressed the text message scandal because they knew that it was TRUE.
      The photos show 2 people seeking the spotlight at any cost. Amar’e is already cheating & Ciara is KILLING herself to look like Kim K & Lala. Poor thang, No CONFIDENCE!

  • CleverNameTaken

    Desperation is not a good look.

    • Showyouright

      When the spotlight begins to dim people will do ANYTHING to stay relevant.
      DANG Ciara, be a real woman! Your slip is showing. LMAO

  • jfdf

    its all insecure women saying they see nothing wrong with it. this article is the truth about SO many women. thats why men leave. give them their gosh darn space yu dummies smh

  • JayJay Growlings

    now she looks possessive. she probably isnt. just checkin on her man…EVERYWHERE HE GOES…. not a good look….

  • just me_sunflower

    I saw a few pics now of this couple. He looks so misrable on all of them. Isn’t he an a hole, dating someone just for the image, not who he really likes (I don’t know who that is, but it’s obviously not her).

  • clarissa

    CiCi can have any man she wants for as long as it works for them…..let BS walk….when it wants to..ok. Its awesome to have a exciting new healthy man. And look back at your old drama and say what the WTF was I thinking. I remember when CiCi was playing with that little Boi…girl is having ah ah moments. YEA WHEN HE IS INTO YOU HE WILL.ASK YOU TO please come and show his friends his beautiful lady.

  • clarissa

    Aww come on this is not a happy faced kinda dude 🙂

  • lani3000

    HUH, What part of GUYS NIGHT OUT is that?

    • (_Jasmine_)

      Exactly, if it’s guy’s night out, let him be with his boys… Smh…If he’s going to cheat, HE’S GOING TO CHEAT….Believe you me, he’s thought of several avenues to go about it… You can’t supervise him 24/7… Ooohhh…Let one another breath and give some space to one another….

  • 7lady

    Now what’s wrong with a man spendin time with his woman? Yall find fault in everything. Now if he whatn takin her no where people would be talkn bout that. Let us rejoice in a beautiful BLACK couple enjoying themselves. However long it last. Which I hope it does. But that would be a long azz baby. Come out 25″ long.

  • tankreeper

    damn i go out with my man sometimes i go out with my man and is friends. my man goes out wit me and my friends. my man goes out with me. when u love someone u want to spend time with them. its called love. get u some …..really cos ya`ll hate WAYYYY too much

  • LatinaSabrosa

    They were on vacation together. He probably asked her to meet him there rather than stay at the hotel.

  • jjjj


  • Only God can help us

    She craves for attention. Showing up and following him around will not keep him. If anything it will send him running. Give the man some breathing space. This couple thing is all for publicity. Without being hooked up with Amare, do you thing she would be in the media since her flop album? NO!

  • famous for nothing

    I will say that Ciara has one hell of a PR team! The line about Amare keeping his focus on “his lady” all night is LAUGHABLE! Their in SOBE and CIARA was the only one who “kept his focus?” GTFOH!

    • TRANNY?

      Ciara is a SPOTLIGHT CHASER! Her love life is in tank just like this relationship. Amar’e & Ciara are pathetic. You can tell by their body language on the beach and these photos that this is all staged.
      This is so ridiculous.

  • Fridayspecial

    Maybe it was planned for him to chill at a club with his boy and meet up with his girl at another. Ain’t nothing wrong with club hopping & meeting up with ur lady.

    What Beyonce & Jay z does is what..well Beyonce & jay z does. What does she have to do with Ciara and Amare? Is Beyonce a guide book for a relationship?

  • The one

    Leave them and their relationship alonE damn!!!

  • clarissa


    Thank YOU!

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