SMH: Houston Salon Owner Robbed For $150,000 Worth Of “Remy Human Hair”

- By Bossip Staff

Man, you know it’s getting bad when folks are ganking weave hair:

The thieves pulled the iron bars out of the windows, outsmarted the motion detector that would have triggered a burglar alarm and did not give the safe or cash register a second look. Instead they went straight for what was most valuable: human hair. By the time the bandits at the My Trendy Place salon in Houston were finished, they had stolen $150,000 worth of the shop’s most prized type, used for silky extensions.

The break-in was part of a recent trend of thefts, some involving violence, of a seemingly plentiful material. During the past two months alone, robbers in quest of human hair have killed a beauty shop supplier in Michigan and carried out heists nationwide in which they have made off with tens of thousands of dollars of hair at a time.

“I heard about it from a couple of different supply companies and customers who said: ‘Guard your inventory. There’s a rash of this going on,’ ” said Lisa Amosu, the owner of My Trendy Place. “Whoever did it knew exactly what they wanted. They didn’t even bother with the synthetic hair.” Once stolen, the hair is typically sold on the street or on the Internet, including eBay, shop owners and the police say.

The most expensive hair type — and the one in highest demand by thieves and paying customers alike — is remy hair, which unlike most other varieties is sold with its outermost cuticle layer intact. This allows it to look more natural and to last longer without tangling. Remy hair from Indian women is the most popular.

But remy hair extensions can cost as much as $200 per package and the average person requires at least two packages. Hundreds of dollars more, and at times thousands, are spent at hair salons to have the extensions attached, often by sewing.

In addition to the $150,000 Houston robbery this month, thieves have recently taken $10,000 in hair from a San Diego shop; $85,000 from a business in Missouri City, Tex.; $10,000 from a shop in Dearborn, Mich.; and $60,000 from a business in San Leandro, Calif. All the values were provided by the storeowners.


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  • Ariona Taylor

    Society has made it known that straight hair is the best hair. We have been bamboozled to believe that beauty is fair skin and straight hair. Absolutely unbelievable. That reminds me, I need a relaxer.

    • Greeneyez0712

      Hmmm… A Safe Deposit Box is free with some checking/savings accounts…..They better invest…Or take it home….Women still wanna look GOOOOD!! Dont hate!!!

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  • KGDC

    SMH. Our Black women and their misplaced priorities.

    • KGDC

      Please don’t translate your insecurities onto me. Thank you.

  • SMH: Houston Salon Owner Robbed For $150,000 Worth Of "Remy Human Hair" (via | Gossip for the Hardcore | Entertainment News | Music | Fashion | Black Celebrity | Music | Videos | Love and Relationships) « I Don't Make The N

    […] Man, you know it's getting bad when folks are ganking weave hair: The thieves pulled the iron bars out of the windows, outsmarted the motion detector that would have triggered a burglar alarm and did not give the safe or cash register a second look. Instead they went straight for what was most valuable: human hair. By the time the bandits at the My Trendy Place salon in Houston were finished, they had stolen $150,000 worth of the shop’s most priz … Read More […]

  • team nymphis

    @ariana Taylor
    Even tho you’re a trife bytch whose puzzy smell like a onion cutter. I completely agree wit you.

    • AMBER

      And i absolutely agree with you.

    • JaZzIe91

      DEAD@ onion cutter. LOLLLL

  • Nana

    Waaaaaahahahahhahahahahahahahaaaa LMAFFAOooooo @team nymphis u are kray kray kuraaazy! Haha

  • Deaya Charles

    SMH @ all these weave bandits, and LMAO @ team nymphis!! 😀

  • Deaya Charles

    How the fudge do you “translate onto” someone? With a magic marker??

    Not only was your original comment a borderline retarded generalization, your failed attempt at haughtiness firmly secured your status. So the thanks goes to you for making it clear that you are, in fact, an idiot – or at the very least, someone who types without thinking.


      We know who you are, and the only question is why?

  • Charlotte

    After buying my friends “hair” for her wedding and getting the sticker shock of my life, I dont blame the thieves. Thank God I’m natural.

  • MoMo

    Man, I wish i knew where to find them weave bandits! I sure need to get my hair fix this weekend.

  • noble

    How you break in and not trip the motion detector???? Maaaaan this is some Ocean’s 11, cartwheels over laser beams, jumpin through air vents in black catsuits, walkin out with the Mona Lisa type stuff. These folks don’t be playin about this here hurr.

    • lezbianbomb


    • JaZzIe91


      @Oh Please Yes they are. Sad, but funny. SMDH!!!

  • ReallynotInterested

    Black women cannot go without their weaves huh? The woman in the above photo is going bald. Why in the hell is her hairline so far back? The black woman’s quest to look European is destroying her natural hair. Any other time I would laugh. But this is kind of sad. The quest for beauty is a long hard journey that several women will attempt and not finish.

    • celebstylist

      Wow, nice attempt at being insightful but no dice. Hair is valuable and can be worth a lot of money. It’s not only black women who wear weave it’s most women who want to look fab (not that weave is the only way, just one of them). I could run down the list of all the non black women in hollywood who wear weave, but I’m not, don’t have the time. But what u said was so dumb and biased you mine as well have said that if a drug dealer got robbed only black people would buy the drugs and if a bank got robbed only a black person would have done it or if a car got stolen only a black person would steal it. If something is valuable someone’s going to try to steal it. Why is this surprising? So, uh, SHUT UP!

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Why would you have something work $150,000.00 not locked up when you are closed? Come on! Thats irresponsible. Its even more stupid that weave would cost that much. Glad I wear my hair.

    • The Ugly Truth

      “The thieves pulled the iron bars out of the windows, outsmarted the motion detector that would have triggered a burglar alarm”

      The owner had iron bars AND a security system. D@mn, wht else she need…. 4 Rottweillers

    • ~ChynaPeach~

      If you have any merchandise valued over $10,000.00 why didnt you buy a case for said merchandise? You wouldnt see jewlery lying around like that would you? No. If they had a case for it and it was breached the alarm would have been set off. Her alarm didnt even go off. But you have $150,000.00 of hair in your shop. And btw I would love to rob you with that type of logic.

    • ~ChynaPeach~


    • LatinaSabrosa

      I see your point she should have known to put that away

  • team nymphis


    It’s sad that you’d say “women still wanna look good” as if blk women need white features to do so.

  • team nymphis


    I love eaton peaches.specially with whipcream.

    Have a lovely day

    • ~ChynaPeach~

      If you are talking about what I think you are, I think I just fell in love. If not, I do too. Lol

  • MsHolliday

    im sorry but too funny.. I would love to get some of that black market weave lol

  • G.M.

    soon enough dudes is gonna be pullin out guns & rob u women on the street and be like: “BREAK YO SELF, B1TCH!!!…Come up out that weave, right now…Yeah, caught that a$$ slippin soon as u walked out the salon.” lol XD

    • It's Me

      out of all the comments yours take the cake fool! Got me rolling over here. I was on a conference call and bust the F8ck out laughing!!!

    • Quiann

      OMG!! I had to log in on this one, I just got sick from laughing, woke the baby up and everything, LMAO!!

  • Ajalyn

    I have no doubt that the salon owner’s stolen weave is on EBAY. The thief can get more money selling in bulk to salon owners in other countries where quality weave is hard to find. I agree with the other poster. She should have secured her investment and locked it up.

  • Jenn

    I wish I knew where the stoloen goods were! Remi is the best hair in the biz!! That ish runs almost $100 a pack!!!

    • MsHolliday

      thats what i said …. i bet its selling 2 for 1 lol

  • G.M.

    Eventually, Chris Rock is gonna get the blame for this sh1t lol XD

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

    Some people say that black women are this and that… that white women are better looking etc… But then the same black woman who is wearing weave is said she trying to be white and they are ridiculed for this. Yet these same people still uplift European standards of beauty.
    But when a black woman is natural you hear the statement that not everyone can be natural or she is called nappy and told to get a relaxer.
    Can black women ever win???
    WOW there is so much focus on the black woman :O

    Why is the hair that expensive wow

  • tahiry

    wat??…I always go to that salon, and they have some very very high quality hair…I think it was an inside job..

  • http://google guestspeaker

    Ppl are robbing and killing over that long dark hair like its pure gold, and the sad part is that the women who are growing it are in danger also. What they don’t sacrifice freely at temples is being stolen from them in the streets, and out of all the money being made they don’t even get a dime. The temples, manufacturers, exporters, salesmen, salons, thieves, and the women who get it sewn or glued on their heads are all pathetic.

  • uku

    Smells like an inside job to me.

  • Please Stop

    Oh please! You know these dudes are selling this mess on the street for half price. The chinese and blacks, mark up this hair 400 percent in the stores. Right now, you will see, black, white, etc with a hair extensions. So, thieves are seeing it as another way to make fast money.

  • TriniSazon

    If anyone really believes that this broad did not get set up to be robbed then your dumb as ishh ! 150,00 worth of remy hair? LMFAO

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