Some Becky Lingerie Time: Kanye’s Old Sweet Thang Shows Us What Would Have Happened If He Put A Ring On It

- By Bossip Staff

Remember Kanye’s old Becky? No, not that one, the one before that one. No, not her. The one before the one before that. No, after her…yeah, Kate Upton. Rumor had her getting her petite cakes chopped down by Kanye’s blonde-loving ding-dong. But he’s clearly moved on to different women. But if he had stayed with the Sports Illustrated queen, Kate Upton, he could have seen her rocking this lovely bridal lingerie. You think Yeezy’s second-guessing his decisions, now?

More pictures of Kate’s fine a$$ ahead.

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  • JM@gic(Trini man for life)

    Nothing to go crazy over,but id still smash

    • hair

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    • MIZZLE

      Nothing to go crazy over? come on son put your chick up and this chick and 100 people lets see who wins in the hottest chiCk contest! or put your immaginary hottest chick up i bet she loose stop hating on the snows man if they fine they fine admit it blac broads dont choose unless you caked up and will leave u for the next dude if he has moe cheese theres no loyalty just like blac men!

    • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream


  • http://bossip Public Enemy #1........A Blk Man who has knowledge of Self!

    Shaved Apes….a blk man’s Lowest Desire 🙂

    • MIZZLE

      let mme see a pic of your ugly azz bish!

  • blackscome1st

    Dead…that becky needs to eat.

    • My2Cent

      She don’t need to eat. She looks fine & fit like she is.

      Not ALL women NEED to have love handles. I’m not into white women, but I’ve got to admit; she does look good. I’d hit.

    • lemme see ya twitter i can make ustream

      tired of black girls telling everyone else they need to eat and claiming they’re “thick”. no 8itch you need to lose some god dam weight.

    • My2Cent

      Co-sign that. I’m not say’in sista’s have to be a size 4,2, or zero. I’m just say’in be healthy. I think they coin the term “thick” to accept being fat, puggy, and/or obese.

      I know women come in all shapes and sizes…this I am aware of. I’ll just put it to you another way:

      I personally think that ANY fit & healthy woman that is 6 feet and/or shorter; that is not pregnant, should not weight over 200 pounds (regardless of her race). No “fit” woman should be over a dress size of 12.

      That’s just my personal humble opinion.

  • Reformed Thug Worshipper

    no homo

    Cute girl

  • Youknowwhatitis (Formerly SMH)

    Veronika Bozeman puts this girl to shame.

    • Jose

      hahahahhaha! nigg@ plz…

  • jt

    she is a perfect 10!

    • My2Cent

      Nah! I’d give her a “9”.

      If only she had Kim K’s booty though!

  • My2Cent

    I’m a Black man who can admit that beauty does come in ALL colors and races. I’d tap it!

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    Her fake tatas are lopsided…at least mine are balanced and real.

  • My2Cent

    I get your point and I learned a LOT from the O.J. trial my sista. But, can you HONESTLY say that ALL white women are evil and caniving? Who’s to say that if your brother was married to a sista that she wouldn’t threaten to do the same thing??

    I can honestly say that I am proud to be dating a beautiful dark sista of 2 years and I am pretty damn sure I will put a ring on it very, very soon.

    I have to say that I have 2 uncles back east that are married to white women for over 20+ years (with biological children) and they are very much still in love as in day one. So you can not say that ALL Black/White couples will end-up like the Simpsons. That’s just not true!

  • ckane

    lol….yall are hilarious! I wish we could go without the racism (both ways) but the Tyler Perry dude is a comedian! props for the comedy dude….anyway- this woman is breathtakingly gorgeous. everyone knows it. Sorry all BS aside. I would love to meet and treat her special. i also think the black supermodel he dated was flawless. Get over color. Please.

    • My2Cent

      Co-sign 100%

  • JayJay Growlings

    it wasnt kanye she was seen with… it was MEEE!!!
    i smashed that tho… she pretty stiff… i’ve had more excitement screwin my pillow…

  • kemsey

    NO hating here- SHE IS NOT ALL THAT. If she is a flaunt piece, then Ye should have done so much better. Next.

  • exotica

    yall are some thirsty dudes in here. you need to travel a bit more if you think this broad is something special. London & paris have some of the most beautiful white women.

    i fail to understand why kanye west posts get so many comments. this is the first and only kanye story i will click on. who cares if he is dating white. kanye is crazy and weird looking. be real sistas, you don’t want none of that…. let him go lol

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  • Knowitall

    Serious downgrade from Amber I must say.

    • My2Cent

      Co-sign! Amber was beautiful, despite her being bald-headed and all. She also had the perfect body in my opinion.

  • My2Cent


    If you have a significant other and you TRULY love him/her. If you are already married to him/her, good. Ladies; if you’re not married yet, that’s alright. You love him enough that IF he were to ask, you would not hesitate to accept. You couples know each other’s souls and are fully commited to each other.

    Now close your eyes….

    Now in your mind, change the race and the hair texture/color of your sigificant other. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING else about your other half remains the same.

    Now open your eyes…

    Do/Can you STILL love your other half now?

    If you can’t, you better ask yourself why, because you’ve got a MAJOR problem. I’m just say’in…

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