Clearly He’s Still High: Snoop Dogg Wants To Make An “American Idol For The Hood”…Please Don’t!

- By Bossip Staff

Snoop has another pipe dream, y’all. During an interview in the UK to promote his umpteenth album, Doggumentary, Snoop-a-loop started talking about moving on to other business ventures. He also talked about his love for American Idol and X-Factor. As random as that is, Snoop went on to talk about how he wants to make another similar show…for the hood. Sigh.

He wants the show to be “straight directed to the hood … at people with no money, just talent”. Mr. Dogg, please stop saying “hood”. No? Okay, keep going:

“I’m looking for a deal from a network to find America’s hottest hood artists.”

That’s right, Hip-Hoppers, Snoop might be coming to your town looking for you to get your rap on in front of him and a panel of judges. Would you watch Snoop’s new “Hood Idol” show? Do you think it’ll ever even air?

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  • b.m.

    Snoop, we already have that: “Sunday’s Best” on BET!!!!!!

    • hair

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  • dragongirl

    The only thing I could say about that is there is definitely alot of great talent in the hood….I mean he would finally find the best of the best there….BUT as far as etiquette and behavior…he’s taking a huge gamble……….good luck with the idea snoop!!

  • worldstarpimp


  • Abdul Bin Ab Alwaei

    You know what, it’s actually a pretty good idea. As long as it’s not a network TV thing it could be the freestyle olympics with cats from different regions flowing on the mic. Guest appearances from some of the baddest lyricists in the country. What’s not to like?

  • drenk

    Fitty Tyson and T-Baby in the finals

  • Ronny

    Why its it a bad idea? And why did some idiot bring up Sundays Best on B.E.T? Ppl are gonna learn to kill all this rude and disrespectful behavior…your headed for a rude just don’t know..

  • Ron

    Why did someone bring up Sundays Best? That was rude. Ppl are gonna learn to stop this rude behavior….wake up before its too late.

  • geemoenettie

    Good idea. But they better vote cats out anonymously else they become victims of a drive-by

    • CAN AM


  • Nephew Ruckus....

    Hell no it’s not a good idea! He’d be giving stank a**, hood-rat nigg*rs a platform to speak on. After giving shout outs to their homeys on lockdown and all their babymamas, then we would have the displeasure of listening to them TRYING to rap. Bad idea Snoop D-O-double G, bad idea.

    • CAN AM

      As a TV Editor, I would edit that crap out.

  • PRE

    yes, please dont….

  • http://google smh

    Snoop knows the hood is full of black gold.

  • CAN AM

    Good and bad. Good because someone from the hood would get the chance that huge budget productions would never give them. Bad because if the winner becomes an overnight sensation, who teaches them how to make the transition? It is the sudden change that destroys them. Good luck, Snoop.

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