Will, Jada, Beyonce, Patti, Stevie, Halle, Madonna And More Come Out To Show Oprah Love As She [Finally] Tapes Part One Of Her Goodbye

- By Bossip Staff

Well, at least they made the whole move-a-playoff-game-to-accommodate-Oprah thing kind of make sense.

The mega-taping of two of Oprah’s last shows at the Chicago’s United Center turned into an A-List event she didn’t even have all the details for.

The shows, branded Surprise Oprah! A Farewell Spectacular, were taped in front of an audience of 13,000.

Part one featured appearances by Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Josh Groban and Patti LaBelle serenading Oprah with “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and Madonna.

Part two, which airs on May 24, was the big one though.

The taping of the second show began with Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who thanked Winfrey and told her she mothered millions and “that puts you in the status of a goddess”.

Michael Jordan, who led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships during the 1990s, came on stage to hug Winfrey and tell her he loves her and that she inspired him.

Jamie Foxx and Stevie Wonder sang Isn’t She Lovely to Winfrey. Wonder followed with his own song, singing to her, “Oprah thank you for using your gifts to uplift so many hearts.”

Simon Cowell made an appearance, Rosie O’Donnell sang a Broadway-style song and Jerry Seinfeld did a comedy routine.

Grammy winner John Legend was beamed in from a school in New Orleans, and actress Dakota Fanning led a group of children talking about Winfrey’s influence on their lives.

“You always had the power, and that is the message you brought into our lives,” Cruise told Winfrey.

Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes and Diane Sawyer were there too. Beyonce sang her song Run the World (Girls) backed by dozens of dancers. Rascal Flatts performed too.

“Oprah Winfrey, because of you women everywhere have graduated to a new level of understanding of who we are, of what we are and most of all who we can be,” Beyonce said before starting her performance.

Celebrities such as Lisa Ling, Carson Kressley, Jessica Seinfeld, Ally Wentworth, Bob Greene and former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley sat in the audience.

Try not to cry when you watch this.


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  • November

    I freakin hate Oprah for canceling her show before I had the chance to go. Dang show had a waiting list!

    • hair

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    • von

      You Mad

    • kalifa

      oprah is dragging this thing on like its the end of the world 😦

      she has an entire network now and we all know she’ll come back with another show ….

      give away some cars and more free sh!t to your audience and wrap it up

  • QueenLove

    That’s one powerful woman yet she stays humble.

  • rain

    I KNOW EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED ON THE LAST TAPING OF lADY o’S SHOW AND WHO WAS THERE ,THANKS TO AJ Callaway, from 106&park on twitter he tweeted all the details last night,and yes they all was there

  • LIfe

    I know I will cry. Oprah changed America.

    • Hillary Clinton

      Are you serious? Lemme get somma what you smokin…please?

    • Mike Jack

      “…changed America.” *DEAD*

    • JaZzIe91

      She did change America… #Haters

  • Carmel

    Congratulations to you Oprah Winfrey for being able to come into our lives and teach us, pamper us, give us a better way of thinking. Thanks for never backing down from what you truly believe in. The 4 o’clock hour will be missing one of their favorite persons and that is you. Keep doing what you do best!!!

    Much Love to you

  • yousho'izzugly

    &F.*u.#C.^k. Oprah, prejudiced against her own people, unless, they look a certain way.

    • :)

      say more…

  • It's Me

    MEGA POWER HOUSE BLACK WOMEN! White folks take that take that!

  • Hillary Clinton

    So. Deuces!

    • Mike Jack


  • GA

    They shouldve gotten Prince, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Bill Cosby, Phylicia Rashad, Colin Powell. Real Black Celebs not these new Hollywood faces, some of whom are killing two birds with one stone by promoting their personal agendas.

  • Nicole

    Alicia Keys was there! Maya Angelou! Aretha! Wow! There were so many I can’t name them all!!!

  • george houston


  • c'est la vie

    Lady O, the best to ever do it …..

  • c'est la vie

    …. in a way she did help change America, her support and endorsement of our first black President Barack Obama. Oprah is a powerful woman, mega bucks, and mega influence. When she came out for Barack Obama during the election, that was a power move right there, that’s why a lot of white women got angry at her, they knew what time it was. They wanted her to support Hillary Clinton. So, she played a major role in helping elect our first black president.

    • JaZzIe91

      *round of applause* I love Lady O!

  • sara

    Ophra is the best – bar done. She has a God given vision to see what’s wrong with things and attempts to fix and/or change them. When the President and Mrs. O were on Oprah a couple of weeks ago, America was looking at the most powerful people in the WORLD-thanks Oprah for my wings….

  • truth teller

    Gotta agree with “GA”…should have had some poets, authors & real influential ppl on the show.

    Not just ppl we see on tv every other day, but, farewell O!

  • SpiceTing

    I thought that bit*h said goodbye already.. oh I forgot she gotta say goodbye to ppl in africa first.. get real

    • shynehead

      Power People decide elections not celebrities like ophrey.
      She’s a judas sheep…
      Like Obama she represents a “symbol” of progress… not actual progress

  • true

    Oprah Winfrey is a true inspiration for women of the world.. I truly love and admire this woman!! Thank god for giving us this amazing human being.

  • 2012NOW

    Oprah’s Hope and Change – is over.
    Too much of anything isn’t good – and that includes Orca.

  • dragongirl

    Well…I can’t say too much about Oprah….but good luck to her….

  • http://n/a 5 Star Chick

    Oprah is truly overated! She does not acknowlege Jesus Christ; supports gay rights and has vowed a lifestyle of sin by alledging that she is not interested in holy matrimony. The only thing Oprah has made me aware of is that money truly can’t buy happiness!

  • ok

    I like Oprah but she is not God. Please stop with this golden calf worship syndrome you all have.

  • shynehead

    Why does she look like the fat black swan in the pic?

  • CmonSon

    No TINA TURNER? Disappointing.

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