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Two common misconceptions about relationships:

1) It’s hard for “strong” or “independent” women to deal with having a man around, unless he’s some sort of pushover.

2) Women have to let a man lead in order to have a successful partnership.

It doesn’t matter how accomplished, self-reliant or strong-willed you are, you can have a happy, healthy romance with a man without trying to ‘wear the pants’ or trading in your stilettos for ‘barefoot and pregnant’ chic. Romance is not all about a woman giving up who she is, but instead, two partners bringing all their stuff to the table and working to create happiness through balance. That said, it isn’t that the ‘strong, independent’ sister doesn’t have sacrifices and adjustments to make in order to become a good partner…both parties will have to alter their order of operations in service of a relationship.

Women may find this new way of operating to be a bit more difficult to navigate when dealing with an ‘alpha male’: a brother who has traditional values and behaviors. (Continue reading…)



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