Awww You Mad? Trina And Keyshia Cole React To Getting Snubbed By The BET Awards…Nicki Minaj Clowns The Show, Too!

- By Bossip Staff

With the announcement of the BET awards nominees making the news recently, it appears that a couple of artists aren’t taking too kindly to being left out.
Trina and Keyshia Cole are a little peeved that their names won’t be called when the cameras roll.

Trina hit up Twitter with a simple “EFF BET”. Nicki Minaj had her back:

“Looks @ nominations. Didn’t know it was April Fools… *waits for Trina’s name to appear before I take this seriously*”

Damn, Nicki Minaj got nominated like 80 times and she’s still clowning the awards show. She must have some serious love for Trina.

Keyshia Cole took the classy route:

Its like this. Been on the scene 7 years. I was 21 when I got signed. 7 # 1 records. No awards 4 none of them/still touring. It is Wht it is. These types of thing R the way they R. I’m not upset about any of it in any way. I hope everyone that goes has a wonderful time.

That awkward moment when u realize in everyone’s eyes your not the ISHT anymore. #POW. I’ve officially got the memo. Thank mtv/bet

It’s only been a few hours and people are already throwing stones at the awards choices. Wait till everyone decides to make fun of Chris Brown being nominated for best actor. WTF was that?!

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  • KGDC

    The message is, make better music. I’ve listened to both albums, they were summarily deleted not too long afterwards. You don’t get a nomination just because you think you’re something you’re not.

    Save the ‘hating’ comments for a more worthy cause.

    • coco lovers

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    • marti444

      I was thinking the same thing: maybe make a few good songs before you start talking stuff about not winning any noms!!! Yall ain’t even been out there enough so peoples can see you perform. I didn’t even know either one had anything new out!!! Get it together!!!

    • kalifa

      a BET award has no status behind it…its a way for niggs to get something for their efforts from the black community because the wider world would not acknowledge their sh!tty contributions….

      seriously, do you think a nigg like waka flocka flame will ever get a grammy? lol 🙂

      i’m sure the plastic hoe nicki minaj will rake in the BET awards…..she is the pinnacle of mediocrity and deserves a mediocre award …. 😦

  • Where U At

    The EBT awards mess this 1 up, they r to busy up Chris Brown a$$, to notice anyone else, I mean his people must work there SMDH

    • Kutta Mo.Fo.

      ‘EBT’ Awards? LMAFO; it’s quite fitting.

  • shon

    Whoooooooooooooo Caresssssssssssss? Africans need clean water. Americans need Jobs.

    • JenB


    • Worldchanger!

      Thank You! And lest we 4get, It’s BET.

    • rossy

      These people are killing me. There are more important things in this world than that shit!

    • npuwfups.

      EXACTLY…..”no one cares”!(disgruntled smurf voice) I hate this “stupid people” world! Everyone is dumb! (crying a river)……ughhh

  • shon

    It’s not like they will loose a birthday over it.

  • Bubble

    Thank KGDC and Tia I was thinking the same thing just because you come out with an album don’t make it Good or worthy of an award Keyshia Cole album seemed rushed and incomplete it showed no growth its the same stuff she has been putting out. If anyone should be mad it should be Monica I loved her album. Artist need to stop putting out CRAP and calling it music and think we will just buy it because of their name

  • Ummm who gonna check me boo? is wondering where her comment is...

    As if anyway takes The EBT Awards Seriously anyway….

    • Ummm who gonna check me boo? is wondering where her comment is...

      Oops I mean anyone*,damn u iPhone!!!

  • Shanice

    I agree. How the hell they nominate Lola Monroe over Trina?

    • LS

      whooooooooooooo ?????? Seriously – I haven’t even heard any of her songs…am I living under a rock or is she just whack ???

    • wondering

      who is Cymphonique and how is she nominated!!!

  • it was what it is

    the comments on here are ok, but i’d rather give a mofo point of view on, a pro black women website.

    • Sookie

      Thank You! I was thinking the same thing. Why are black women so mean and critical of each other? You don’t see the women on the white websites talking about each other in these ways.

  • gina

    award shows are a joke. it all comes down to who’s management & record label can write the bigger check. how else did beyonce get nominated for doing nothing, while tons of R&B females released albums within the past year.

    • thickums

      Thank you Ms Gina ! BET is about the MONEY, not the talent, not popularity……

    • leeleesoft

      That’s right money talks she did nothing an woop there it is. R U serious

  • Bubble

    Agree with KGDC and Tia Keyshia’s album seemed rushed and not finished. She hasn’t grown as an artist its the same songs or atleast type of songs she has been putting out for years.Some artist believe that they can use the same formula or put out CRAP and Call it music and well just buy it because of their name. Monica had a great album she should be nominated

  • SUN


    • plunta

      i agree just another reason to give the goat singing credibilty and beyonce hasnt put out anything new other than that runing girls sh*t, keisha cole was snub and fantasia

  • It's Me

    o well Keisha has only released that one song with Nikki and nothing since that. Trina please move ova with yo elementary rap songs. Like her new one red bottoms or red heels, some wack shyt like that. Look for the cartoon network to give you an award…

    • wrd

      not really she’s released that long way down song with her hubby, and then that take me away song … i wonder if they nominated melanie fiona?? shes doing quite good

  • InnocentBystander

    Poor Keyshia. I’m glad she kept it professional.

  • Stph

    Stop your crying and put out a better music.

    • Missasheliz

      Totally agree.

  • Smh

    Is Keyshia still telling ppl she is half italian? This girl is not half italian!! She does not look half white at all. I believe she is mixed but she is mixed with hispanic not white!! Her father is most likely mestizo hispanic.

    • dba

      stupid comment! how u gon tell somebody what they are mixed with?? STHU. u sound stupid, plus aint nobody talkin about that any way.

  • suga

    Trina, you need a new look!!!! Please stop wearing those Joan Crawford eyebrows you are too young for that look!!!!!!

  • lani3000



    • sa.s.sy24

      I agree

  • monique

    What!? 7 #1 and no awards…No nomination’s either….bet is on som straight…BS!

    • wondering


  • Trina

    Oh well, maybe next year.

  • Matix B

    NewsFlash: This just in….Trina: -No you were never the Shyt….but you’d have to take the dyck out of your mouth long enough to realize…carry on….

    • PRE


  • kris

    I like keyisha. I like Trina. I can’t name one song either of them have made in the past year. Both their albums were bad. You don’t get awarded because you made an album. The album SHOULD be good. This however is not always the case with BET (I definitely agree with Trina). BET is garbage. Their last albums were garbage. If anything just be mad you weren’t nominated for “The Way It Is” and “Diamond Princess” because those albums were actually good.

  • TW

    Love Chris as singer/dancer…. but Best Actor(Crickets)

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    I’m wondering if Monica was nominated because she sure deserves SOME kind of award. Still standing is one of the few CD’s that I actually bought.

  • Lola

    Hmm Bet awards is a joke and even tho KC album was not great she should have been nominated … Why is Bey nominated she didnt even have an album last year…Thats crazy…And did Trina have an album at all? Nicki and Rihanna on the other hand, well deserved

    • Rich

      NIKKI isgarbage she is not hip hop, she should not even be included. She is destroying the integrity of female rap, she s no better then tring, at least trina got her own style!

  • Takemeaway

    Trina had an album? well this is news to me.

    You dont get an award for NOT puttin in hard work smh.

    On the other hand, I love KEISHA! that was def a snub.

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