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You don’t feel as if he values you or your opinions, but you deal with it. He has habits that make your skin crawl at the mere thought of them. You love him, but you know that you’re no longer in love with him. The connection is gone but you’re still holding on. Why?

Although I never claim to be a relationships guru, I have been in a few relationships. Some have been better than others, and quite frankly some lasted much longer than they probably should have simply because I wasn’t ready to let go. Not only had I grown apart from my significant other, I had almost grown to even detest hearing his voice; still I stayed, at least until I absolutely couldn’t take it anymore.

Many women choose to stay in relationships that are not beneficial to them mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. Some choose to stay for financial reasons, which can be a factor, but should never be the total basis of a relationship; but other women choose to stay for reasons that they haven’t even considered because they’re not as obvious.

While reasons for staying may vary, here are a few reasons women may choose to stay in relationships.

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