Where Is Angie Martinez?

- By Bossip Staff

Hot 97 just brought Laura Stylez on board as their newest on-air personality, and Hennessy hosted a toast for her in New York City. We noticed that most of the station’s DJ’s came to show their support but somebody was missing in action…

Hmmmm maybe somebody is is giving Angie a run for her money? Move over Angie, there is a new Latina in town…”

More shots from the Hennessy event below:

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  • Blue Moon

    Oh my word SMH at the hideousness that is that blue hair…someone please talk to her

    • benz

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  • Noelia

    maybe Angie was busy…she actually has a pretty strong career.

    BTW-I havent been to every city in the US, but why is it that most of the ones I’ve visited, it seems like Latinos have taken over the urban radio stations, especially the women? I don’t see this reflected in the music, but behind the mic it seems like that’s the trend. I’d love to understand what’s prompting that movement.

    • Oh Please!

      Exactly! Didn’t she just host The Love & Hip Hop reunion here we go again reaching hell Angie is a vet.

  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    I suggest the book Culture Bandits by del jones. That will help answer your question.

  • Charlotte

    The Voice of New York will never be replaced

  • Mark

    Angle was in LA filming Love and Hiphop!

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