Dirty Dog Diaries: Dominique Strauss-Kahn Quits His Job As IMF Chief, Madam Comes Out Saying He Was “Rough And Aggressive” With The Hoes

- By Bossip Staff

ISHT keeps hitting the fan for the guy right here!!

Head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn sensationally quit his post today, amid fresh claims that he paid an infamous brothel madam $2,500 for escort girls. Kristin Davis, 35, claimed the IMF chief used the services of Wicked Models twice in 2006. The Frenchman, who was not in the IMF post at the time, was believed to have been referred to the brothel owner by Irma Nici, a Bosnian prostitute who had been living in Paris, according to The Times newspaper.

Ms Nici – also linked with Davis’s most famous client, the former New York governor Eliot Spitzer – recently claimed to have slept with David Beckham. The footballer denies the allegation. Mr Spitzer, who is now an anchor for CNN, was forced to resign from the role in 2008 when the scandal was made public. According to The Times, Strauss-Kahn – who is currently on remand in New York accused of the attempted rape of a hotel chambermaid – called Davis in the third week of January 2006 to request an ‘all American’ girl, and paid £1,500 ($2,400) for two hours with her.

‘He paid in cash’, she was quoted as saying. ‘The first girl I sent to him said he was aggressive and didn’t want to be back with him again.’

In his letter of resignation released by the IMF, Strauss-Kahn said: ‘I deny with the greatest possible firmness all of the allegations that have been made against me,’
Speaking about her alleged liaison with the IMF boss, Ms Nici told the Daily Mail: ‘Strauss-Kahn was rough and aggressive, however he maintained a certain level of decorum because he was dealing with an agency. ‘The girls said he was pushy, overly grabby and forceful. He did not rape anyone. However, at $1,000 or more an hour, we expected the clients to behave like gentlemen, not animals.’

Damn this dude is skankier than the fawk. We wonder if his wife still thinks he’s innocent. SMH.


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    Can ANYONE keep their mouth shut? What is the purpose of the escort agency talking if he paid his bill and didn’t hurt anyone? Now I know why the mafia used to cut people’s tongues out–geez!

    Men hire escorts all of the time, as long as he wasn’t using IMF money it’s really his business and his wife’s business.

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    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      He’s French, so he doesn’t count.

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    I swear down this post is about this dirty old dude rose n gappin butt hole r really goin in plz could yall stop cussin each other n stick to da original subject now if dis dude wasn’t not guilty y is he givin up his job its all cumin out now

  • me

    I guess that coochy cost him the presidency.Too expensive for me .On the other hand, coochy is a hell of a drug…

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    Old its time to reap! He will leave planet earth totally humilated in shame. People can ignore God’s laws and Divine Order all they want too…ok But you will pay before you leave AND Give account to GOD!

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    I saw this poor in spirit man on the news n all i can say is i have symphaty for this devil, hes truly sufferin!!!

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    Rich white guy attacks little black mooslim girl -so where’s Al Sharpton screeching racism?
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    Dude just made bail today.Wonder if he’s gonna try to flee the country.(?)

  • Cake

    If he a rapist then he was raping the IMF like a mofo too. That`s why funds NEVER reach the people who really need it. smh.

  • ok

    It’s sad that the IMF knew of all these allegations against him and they still went ahead and hired him. This is why a lot of international organizations are scandalous. They hire people with no morals or integrity. There are stories about UN workers going to Haiti and Africa paying impoverished girls there for sex. The same people they are supposed to helping they are abusing. This stuff is sick.

  • I Wonder

    If I were him… When they allow bail, I’M OUT. You would never have to worry about me coming back to America ever again.

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