For The Stans: BeyBey Drops Album Art For “4”

- By Bossip Staff

Here is the cover art for Beyonce’s “highly anticipated” album 4.

You likey???

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  • JayJay Growlings

    this is promising to be the most collosal fail of Beyonce’s wonderful career…. should never have dropped ur dad Bey…



  • Shanice

    I have to agree with @JayJay Growlings…I love Bey but I just have a bad feeling about it all. Shouldn’t have left her dad. If its not broke don’t fix it.

  • audi

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  • ?

    How can anyone tell the CD is going to flop just by one tracka nd this art cover???? WOW!! some of you ar such HATERS!! it is beyond ridiculous. i am sure the other tracks are good and what does dropping her father as manager have to do with how good the CD is. Managers manager by getting the artist appearacs on TV, promotions etc. The label and artist handle the material for the CD. i am sure all the people Bey has around her they will not let this CD flop. You can BET your money on that one..

    • voa

      B is running it! Eat your d*** off lady gaga!!!

    • LOL

      you can “BET your money on it”? as in, PAYOLA? LOL

    • Real

      Love your comment, people or should I say females hate horrible. crazy sad

    • Dina Petite

      It is a fact that Beyonce has MADE IT!! She is now doing something she could never do when she was trying to establish her name on everyones lips – TAKE A RISK!! Her first release she admits was a big risk. But knowing the radios and TV stations… they will do their best to promote her. She is all over – so her manager could be a SOCK puppet (or a 2-timing,cheating, dishonest father) and she would still BLOW! Her dad did a lot for her to ensure her success (squashing the carrers or other people he was managing). But his time was up for B… she just learned from him how to hurt people that depend on you I guess.

    • lala

      How is it a risk when you’re copying people?? We don’t call that risk taking, we call that COPYING. Stop saying that bs, she’s a copy cat straight up, regardless of how you try and pretty it up, she…is…a…COPY…CAT!!

  • Lola


    • Mad Beef

      She’s jacking somebody’s style, YET AGAIN. Ho look white.

    • mcleod10

      i love it!!!! beyonce is doing her thing!!! GO B!!!!
      you cannot sleep on beyonce she is a force to be reckoned with!!

  • ?

    Some people are such haters. What is it JEALOUSLY!! of Beyonce’s mega success??? Beyonce has been in the game for a while now she knows what atoo do and she has plenty of people who will help her if need be. So calm down she will be fine.

    • voa

      charlie sheen said it best, they’re just upset that they’re at home with their ugly wives while B is on the tv looking awesome!! Beyonce….Winning duh!

  • Denise

    Yea I like it.

  • Kali Kush

    I’ve never seem her look more like a white girl. I’m not hating she’s beautiful, I admire how hard she works.

    • Denise


  • Lynn

    She looks like she’s on her way to rehab in that pic. It’s about as bad as that new single. What’s happening to her? smh…

  • Katy

    Beyonce looks like a white model here. Love her skin complexion in this pic.

  • Missasheliz

    Don’t like. So I might not like her album because I sure dont like that who run the world sh*t.

  • misty

    -_- at first glance i didnt even recognize her. she looks like a white woman.

    • Mad Beef

      EXACTLY! But her STANs will never agree

  • Whatever

    I think one of her stans most have stolen her favorite comb and that heffa is on strike until she gets it back cuz laaawd child… But uuumm she’s a cute girl?

    • jada

      I think she is trying to look white with the messy hair


    she’s so overated!! only queens checking for her stupid looking *ss!! queens…..yall will never be Beywolf!! damn!

  • phelaw

    Illuminati at it’s finest>>>>”HATED IT”!!!!

  • Shanice

    @? See people have turned having an opinion into being a hater. Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I hate Beyonce. When I just said I love her. Smh.

    • nikki

      Church! I totally agree with you.

  • jayz +bey =billionaire wife

    Broke azz folks talk mega shizt!


    i wish gay men would adopt another role!! sh*t is sad how they worship her 😦


    typo…role model!

  • yeahright

    you stans know damn well this shyt looks cheap and unfinished. she is definitely gonna flop.

  • C-LO

    Rihanna’s CD cover is 1000 times hotter.

    • Mad Beef

      …and I hate RihRih, but I gotta agree. Bey=Colossal FAIL!

  • #justsayin

    “janet.” minus the hand covered boobs.


    • ohplease

      ohhh…u r soooo right @justsayin…very similar.

  • uknoitsromaro


  • Sasha FLOPPED!


  • QueenGaga

    Gaga Run The World.

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