Random Ridiculousness: Real-Life Basketball Wife Tanya Williams Is Beefin’ With One-Time Over Golf Cart Shenanigans

- By Bossip Staff

Why is it that anything that even remotely involves Jayson Williams is batsh*t CRAZY?The former NBA star’s estranged wife Tanya is now beefin’ with South Carolina one-time because they haven’t arrested her deranged hubby’s lawyer for coming on her property and pretty much kidnapping her a*s when she tried to prevent him and a friend from stealing her golf cart. What The Hell???

Yeah there’s a lot going on apparently.

“This is like a soap opera,” Tanya says. “I can’t believe this is my life.”

Williams is mad because police have ruled a May 10th incident at her home a “civil matter” instead of opening a criminal investigation. According to her account, North Charleston lawyer Charles Houston and an associate, Mike Walters, came to her property and loaded her $12,000 golf cart onto an SUV-driven trailer.

Tanya says she approached them and asked them to leave, then tried to remove the cart from the trailer, but the SUV took off, leaving her to cling to the trailer for her life. Eventually she managed to get them to stop by throwing a piece of wood at the back window of the SUV. Police were called and she was taken to an emergency room and treated for minor injuries.

The incident is still under investigation, but so far it’s being treated as a civil disturbance. Meanwhile one of the men says Tanya’s side of the story is a “fairy tale.”

In the police report that was filed, Walters and Houston claim they picked up the golf cart to get it repaired and thought Williams was out of the trailer when they pulled away. They also claim they’ve been watching the property for Jayson Williams while he serves his five year prison sentence for the 2002 shooting death of limo driver, Gus Christofi. Jayson granted Houston power of attorney, but reps for Tanya have produced paperwork that indicates Houston no longer has that authority — paperwork that Houston claims is fraudulent.

The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department says it expects to close its investigation of the incident by week’s end.

“There’s always three sides to a story,” Beaufort County Sheriff P.J. Tanner tells us. “I don’t think we’ve found the third [side] yet.”

Ummm Tanya sounds nuttier than a fruitcake. Shaunie fawked up by not putting her on the new Season of “Basketball Wives” because it sounds like she is guaranteed to bring the REAL drama on a regular basis, as opposed to that manufactured ho sh*t them other broads be talking about.


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    • Greeneyez0712

      Huh…Scooby doo says…..lol… Yeah 3 sides to every story….hers/his/and the truth!!!!

  • Nana

    Write a book, call Oprah up 4 a few sessions on her couch and DIVORCE that husband of urs…..and u will b fine

  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    would you let someone who is NOT your spouse, come on YOUR property and TAKE a $12,000 golf cart, that belongs to your family, without your permission?

  • it is what is mofo is

    the comments on here are ok, but i’d rather give a mofo point of view on askamofo.com, a “pro black women website.”

  • YoYoMa

    Well said. I’ve said for a while this woman needs just as much mental help as her hubby – coo coo birds of a feather. There is no way I’d risk life like that unless it was one of my kids. But for a golf cart? Please! I hope if Jayson is getting help in prison that once he gets out he cuts this nutjob loose or he’ll end up right where he started.

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