Coupled Up: Naomi Campbell Rockin A Big Bird Feathery Frock In Cannes With Fine A$$ Billionaire Boyfriend

- By Bossip Staff

Naomi Campbell is still out in Cannes stuntin it up, and this time she was spotted with her Billionaire Boy Toy Vladimir Doronin.

No comment on that yellow dress.

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  • audi

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  • WHY2K

    Hoes be winning.

  • JayJay Growlings

    she look like big bird’s cousin…

  • IceT

    There’s nothing fine about that wrinkle two toned colored face cavebeast.Maybe you people at the Gossip is commenting oh his wallet.

    • Shilee

      he IS fine compared to the white men that other black celebs have had, but he’s money is FINER!!!!

  • okay.......

    She looks hot…and yes he is fine.Do you Naomi

    • Tye


  • let me think

    She looks good I like the dress. He’s handsome

  • Nana

    Dude looks like he smacks the sh!t outta Naomi when she misbehaves! Lmao

  • Tia

    The billionaire’s wife actually knows about Naomi

    • Kia

      LOL! Yes, she does. Cant blame her for staying. Billion with a B..not a M. Im just saying..

    • JustSaying

      I know the wife knows. Everyone knows. It’s pretty hard to miss with pictures of the two being posted everywhere for the last, how many years?

      I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy. Screwing someone else’s husband is okay as long as the wife knows. A ho is a ho is a ho.

      Besides, Billionaire with a “B” or not, when he decides to go back to the wife or find an even younger side piece, Naomi won’t even get alimony.

  • it is what it is

    the comments on here are ok, buy i’d rather give a mofo point of view on, a “pro black women website.”

  • tommykimon

    He’s fine has money and appears to be crazy about her.

    • JustSaying

      Not crazy enough to divorce his wife and marry her.

  • Teena

    She can rock that dress tho.. she is Naomi… Come on now

  • 100milesperhour

    She must keep that wig glued to her scalp @ all times when she’s around him. Aint no way he can look at her the same after seing those buckshots spread all over her bald head. Somebody get her an Aphogee treatment stat! Scratch that, it may singe a hole in her scalp cuz there’s no hair for the treatment to hold on to.

    • shynehead

      I was wondering why with a billion dollar girlfriend has chewed up bead-e-bead edges.

    • Beckster

      omit *with*

  • Beks

    THEY’RE HATING ‘CAUSE NAOMI IS (BROWN) BLACK. I mean, this is SUPPOSED to be a BLACK gossip site, but they subtly crap on the blacks on here.

    • Tye

      exactly right!

  • Just sayin'

    She is an unbeweavable B*tch. I don’t get the hype over her or the other(UGLY) british chick Kate moss. Naomi has a horrible personality and is bald on top of that.

  • 0_o

    @100 lmao I was thinking the same thing!

  • Tron

    @justsayin…..u sound like another bitter jealous hearted black woman.

  • it is what it mofo is

    the comments on here are ok, but i’d rather give a mofo point of view on, a “pro black women website.”

  • Lively09

    Naomi is beautiful, and her personal live his her business.

  • flacker

    Don’t forget they love to tear down Gabrielle Union as well. I guess as long as you go white, “it’s alright.”

  • uptowngirl

    So it’s fine to knowingly be #2 because the wife is cool with the husband banging his side piece? Uummm..o.k.


    She probably aint in it for the money, because she get paid herself. So idk why everyone freakin about Namoi and her Billioniare boytoy.

  • BlackMajik



  • Beckster

    Jamaican Island Trash

  • Tye

    notice that the mistress or side-piece is usually a black woman. non-black men love them some chocolate fantasy

  • jabgar00

    the sad thing about it.. blk women will never learn.. u can’t really blame them though.. black ppl are ppl of circumstance. We live in a country where it’s 170 million whites and only 40million black. Everything is ran by them. We compare our lives to them. If it doesn’t feel white it doesn’t feel right.. for example u will go to a white lawyer before you go to a blk lawyer because you feel like they can do a better job or know the right ppl. Even to where we chose to live when we get money.. We want to live in the suburbs among white ppl.. At the end the blk man will lose in america. His image is torn, the blk woman chants of they want a white man, the whole job market!! They will give a blk female a job before they give a blk male.. they have no use for the blk male, and will hire a blk female for eye candy.. if u have the blk female u have the blk male.. the next time u go out and u see a success blk couple observe how they glow and look great together. everything was thought out a looooong time ago.. this game was setup to destroy us.. and the only way to beat this system u can’t bs or waste time doing stupid Sht!! u gotta stay on ya grind and help the next brother out.

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