Update: Epitome Of A Bad Mother Dawa Lama Charged With Murder After The Newborn She Tossed In A Dumpster Dies!

- By Bossip Staff

Bad mama Dawa is going down…

Dawa Lama, the epitome of a bad mother who left her newborn in a dumpster while she headed home to nap will now be brought to justice.

The Queens newborn which was found stuffed in a trash can at Elmhurst Hospital, died yesterday. Her piece of ISHT mother Dawa Lama is being charged with assault, Queens prosecutors said yesterday.

Lama, 23, of Woodside, gave birth to the girl on May 10, 2011. The infant was found tossed in the trash later that day and taken to Long Island Jewish Hospital in critical condition.

The case will be reviewed by a grand jury for possible murder charges.

Jesus take the wheel and direct this BEETCH straight to prison!


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  • it is what it mofo is

    the comments on here are ok, but i’d rather give a mofo point of view on askamofo.com a “pro black women website.”

  • bizz

    May the baby rest in peace. Something tells me that her death prevented her from a lifetime of pain and suffering. If the person who carried her in her womb discarded her like trash, there’s no telling what horrors she’d face if she survived and entered the system. Sleep well, love!

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  • Marriar

    Wow didn’t she had family to help her out? I’m glad I was born back in the day when family helped family member with the children.

  • Hush

    If she was at a hospital, why wouldn’t she gave left the child there? A woman that didn’t deserve to be a mother in the first place.

  • Quang Do

    Before we can label Ms. Dawa Lama as a criminal, we must first give her an extensive psychiatric evaluation. I’m concerned that Ms. Dawa Lama may have an underlying depression, such as postpartum blue, and in combination of the extreme pain of labor, she may have temporarily experienced acute psychosis, and her action may have been her body’s way of protecting her. What is concerning here is that the nurses and physicians failed to check on her during the time she was going through labor in the bathroom. If anyone ever go through labor, I hope you can understand that giving birth in itself is painful enough, but to give birth in the bathroom, at a young age, and without any professional or family support can be traumatizing.

    • 5/5/8*

      do a lil research before you go to talking bout post partum blues , that doesnt kick in the second u push your baby out m i will admit its a mofo ( new mommy of a 7month old) this itch knew she was gone do some crazy mess from jump she aint tell her momma or the baby daddy come on in your heart of hearts u cant tell me she was gone be a grade A mommy read the original artical that says she was tekking mommy and baby daddy that she was just getting ft an after she threw the baby in the “hospital trash” she went home ate and went to sleep , she is a bad itch to push out a baby and one not connect the second she looked at the child and two to even stand up on her own feet let alone make it come to eat and then sleep, heck she could have died from bleeding or something, but i do agree THIS BROAD NEEDS HELP

  • ~ChynaPeach~[Team Nymphis]

    Cant say I didnt see that coming. It is sad but imagine if the mom had kept her. She couldve have been killed in a worse way. Whats worse than being dumped in the trash and the dying weeks after? I dont know but Im sure this sicko does.

  • Jessica

    WTF?! Doesn’t anybody know what birth control is anymore?! If you don’t want to get pregnant: A) Get off your back or B) Take proper steps to PREVENT pregnancy if your going to have sex, it’s not that complicated. And then she’s gonna just toss the baby in the trash like that? What ever happened to leaving the baby at the hospital, what, is that not legal anymore? For Christ sakes, what is wrong with these people?! Matter of fact, I don’t care what wrong with this b.itch, toss her a.ss into prison just like she tossed that baby in the garbage.

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