Quote Of The Day: Penelope Cruz ‘I Like To Rap’

- By Bossip Staff

We don’t know whether to be impressed or laugh out loud…

Latina banger Penelope Cruz doesn’t play. Apparently the red carpet stand out is quite the little gangsta on the mic.

“The Spanish beauty told The Sun that she channels fast-talker, Eminem, when she gets to spitting.

“I’m one of those people who do it by themselves,” she said of her hidden talent. “I’m not embarrassed to say it. I like to rap but only know one song. The Eminem one, ‘Two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside.”

Cruz joins Gwyneth Paltrow, who put her hip hop prowess on blast on the UK’s ‘Graham Norton Show’ last year, as the most random and ridiculous hollyweird celebs to spit bars.

Move over Nicki Minaj… Cruz is coming for the crown!


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  • dice

    I bet she loves to swagger jack too

    • audi

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  • Fear of a Black Nation

    What a shocker a spaniard who raps and only to the white guy figured it was gonna be some B.s when i saw it,and shes no banger she looks like Sara Jessica PArkers nose

  • it is what it mofo is

    the comments on here are ok, but i’d rather give a mofo point of view on askamofo.com a “pro black women website.”

  • jdmann

    New puzzy for rappers.

  • Youknowwhatitis (Formerly SMH)

    I’ll repost my comment about Gwenyth Paltrow here:

    We treat yt people like children that can do no wrong…our standards for them are so much lower than the standards we have for ourselves. If a black person was rapping like that, they’d be booed into oblivion. Ironically, although we treat yt people like children, they treat us like a…guilty pleasure of some sort. They tell themselves we’re bad and taboo, but everytime I turn around they’re imitating us gleefully. It’s eerily dysfunctional. We should not be looking up to them for ANYTHING as they have shown us over and over again they need us to be more human while telling us the opposite. Very sickening and would make any weak minded people crazy.

    Out of alllllll the black rappers that came about before Eminem, she chooses to “channel” the only successful white one? Like I said, these “spaniards” mulattoes, or whatever, these whites, these asians will swagger jack an AFRICAN any day of the week and white wash the shyt then turn around and tell us we’ve contributed nothing to society…GTFOH.

  • Juliemango

    Pentlop is hot, she n johnnydepp make a steamy on-screen pair!!!

  • http://bossip.com fridaybarbie

    Stay in yo lane gurl. Follow me @fridaybarbie

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