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Men, if you keep your women busy, then you will have a more relaxing life. This is according to a recent study the University of California:

Over four days, two weekend days and two weekdays, researchers tracked activities at 10-minute intervals and sampled saliva repeatedly to measure cortisol, which increases in stressful situations. High cortisol levels can affect sleep, weight and immune resistance. Researchers focused on the cortisol decline following work; a steeper drop is considered healthier, they say.

For both sexes, doing more housework kept cortisol levels higher at the end of the day. But for women, healthier cortisol levels resulted when their husbands spent more time pitching in on housework. For husbands, more leisure time was linked with healthier cortisol when their wives spent more time doing house-related work and less time in leisure.

Sounds like a losing battle if men want to relax when the women do all the work and women relax when men help. Is that why married people are so miserable?




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