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I know I was wrong. I cheated on my lady of 3 years but I want her back and she won’t have me. I know that what I did was wrong and I’ve apologized over and over but she’s not hearing me. At first she was answering my calls and now she sends me to voicemail. I realize now that what I did was wrong and I want to seriously commit myself to this relationship because I know I can be all the man she needs but I need the chance to show her. I know that she’s hurt by my actions and the person I cheated with (they know each other) and the way she found out was really foul but I’m man enough to drop my pride and take the blame for all of it. I know her friends who don’t have a man have been in her ear and have probably convinced her to shut me out but I can’t get through to her. We’re both in our late 20’s and it’s time to settle down and I want to marry her! How do I get her back? All answers are welcomed. Thank you



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