Bossip Exclusive: Pay Yo Bills!!! Toya Carter’s Engagement Ring Almost Repo’d By The Jeweler?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

When Antonia Carter first hit the scene, she was initially known as Lil Wayne’s Ex-Wife/ Baby Mama , now she is currently engaged to Music A&R Memphitz. According to a source, Memphitz couldn’t afford Toya’s ring…

Which in turned caused him to start begging and scrappin’ the up dollaz to get the jeweler off his back?!?

Now we know ya’ll are probably saying – Here Bossip Goes Again – Well Before you say that about your favorite Gossip site 😉 check out the emails that we received of Memphitz begging for money…

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  • Tyler "Fukk A Script" Perry, Lord and Savior of the Ghetto Stupid!

    What are you gonna do next month when your “wife” wants a new benz?

    • MIZZLE


  • Tyler "Fukk A Script" Perry, Lord and Savior of the Ghetto Stupid!

    A new summer wardrobe like the ones her real rich friends like “the worlds ugliest liteskin bytch” Tiny just bought? Will you be able to afford that shyt?

    • smdh

      I knew somebody was gone bring Tiny’s name up. Damn she is a powerful lil woman. people bring her up in topics that have nothing to do with her. lol!

  • Ms. Gottabody


    • Tyler "Fukk A Script" Perry, Lord and Savior of the Ghetto Stupid!

      he’s not trying to give his woman soemthing nice, he’s trying to run in a bama circle he cant afford to run in. and with these leaked emails you know damn well those jews never cut that check. dont worry if she loves him she’ll step in and cover the cost of that ring, I mean thats what two people in love do right, tey help each other?

    • Mrs. Rance

      Tyler I don’t know if you are kidding or not, but if she loves him she will help him and he shouldn’t be afraid to ask. Hopefully he will get on his feet. Its not like he’s a scrub, but he needs to stop trying to live above his means. If Toya wouldn’t accept a ring in his budget then she ain’t the one for him.

    • Tyler "Fukk A Script" Perry, Lord and Savior of the Ghetto Stupid!

      Im dead serious Ms Rance. This dude bought a ring to impress this local bama celebrity, then you gotta beg the rocrd company for a check to cover it our it’ll get repo’d? who’d he buy it from the mob?

  • Tyler "Fukk A Script" Perry, Lord and Savior of the Ghetto Stupid!

    oh well

    • bama

      kill yoself


    LMao ” dead”

  • Shane

    If you gonna spend 50 thousand on a chick… about upgrading to one that’s worth it. In my book….ain’t no damn woman worth that much money

    • Tyler "Fukk A Script" Perry, Lord and Savior of the Ghetto Stupid!

      I disagree Shane, $50,000 for a ring is ok if you have $300k in the bank (like Lil wacks ex-wife probably has). Other than that an engagement/wedding ring that has a good quality diamond from any store in an upscale mall will do, plus why cant you just finance that shyt?

    • Shane

      I’ll spend 50 on a car before I spend it on a woman!

    • derek.d

      “$50,000 for a ring is ok if you have $300k in the bank”

      Oh hell naw it ain’t! No man should be spending 1/6th of his savings on a ring… As fickle as women are these days? And you KNOW women don’t like to give that ring back. Sheeeeeeeit.

      It’s okay to spend $50,000 on a ring if you’re worth $5 million. 1% of the net worth.

      Also, if anybody is silly enough to have $300K in the bank, they need to talk to a financial adviser immediately. You’re giving the bank $30 million in lending power for what, $3000 in accrued interest a month? Oh hell naw!

  • Tyler "Fukk A Script" Perry, Lord and Savior of the Ghetto Stupid!

    Yeah god bless you and your “future’ wife whoever thats gonna be, because if the jews dont cut that check and your ‘wife’ refuses to help you, her azz is out the door “with that ring”, and youre left on the hook for $30,000.
    Live within your means people!

  • WithAllHonesty

    Dayumm… A story showing the ring ALMOST getting repossessed is almost as bad as the ring ACTUALLY getting repossessed.

    In any case times are hard and he pulled it off. *applause*

    Don’t live pay check to pay check or above your means.

    • Tyler "Fukk A Script" Perry, Lord and Savior of the Ghetto Stupid!

      How do you know he pulled it off?

    • WithAllHonesty

      I don’t know if *HE* exactly pulled it off. BUT I do know Toya has been wearing or worn the ring since those emails, so I can only *@$$UME* it hasn’t been repoed.

  • Matix B

    It’s called robbing Peter to pay Paul, but most of you won’t understand as your credit has been fuq’ed since your fourth birthday. If you can’t afford the ring-you can’t afford the wife that goes along with it. Frankly fuq an engagement ring and spring for a new house-but wait…Toya got a house already paid in full by gremlin Boy. Carry on…

    • derek.d

      “your credit has been fuq’ed since your fourth birthday.”

      This describes 90% of the people in my family. Muhfuggas putting the lights in the baby name.

      Child’s credit report be tore up by the age of 6— he can’t get a pencil loaned to him. SMH.

  • MzB

    Do those emails say September 09?

  • 1king

    This is sad as shyt. Lololol y’all gotta to be stupid as shyt to say y’all applaud him. It’s obivious he doesn’t have it like that to be giving out a 50 thousand dollar ring cause if he did he should have just paid it off in full when he was at the jeweler. Him not wanting to be put out there as a dead beat didn’t work. Now he looks like a lame and she will probably dumb right after they have a baby and then he will be in the hole another 50g’s.lololo What a dummy. To all y’all stupids out there credit is an IOU that’s all. As you see in thirty days if you ain’t got they money they coming for you and your stuff. Or you have to sacrifice your self respect or the people you call your friends. Your always in debt cause that’s how they planned it.

    • trav clinton

      couldn’t have said it better myself…i applaud you!!!!

  • MzB

    My bad it was the 9th of September 2010

  • jaynicole

    Those emails are from last year.

  • Daisy Jay


    I don’t get it.

    Everyday people save up to afford the things that are worth HALF of what celebrities get. And never have to worry about it being repossessed. But these “celebs” – with tons of money – are always getting stuff taken away.

    Please enlighten me on this bull, somebody.

    • WithAllHonesty

      A lot of celebrities are horrible at math.

    • Daisy Jay

      Heck, I would think that even the mathmatically challenged would turn into Einsten when the dead presidents enter the picture. I guess not :/

    • 1king

      All of their money is in credit. So it’s virtual money and transactions. They borrow and get advances so they are always owing. It’s like wimpy from popeye. ” I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today. And it keeps going on and on until they screw the wrong person and can’t borrow anymore. Lolol

    • Daisy Jay

      That makes sense actually! But my thing is, you must be earning money to even be a “celebrity”. I understand having credit cards, but aren’t you WORKING to get actually money in your BANK account? Eh, I think I’ll never understand. I just wish they would stop trying to flaunt what they wish they had.

      Seriously, I’d rather see a celebrity not be flashy at all than act like they have a ton of stuff, only for it to be repo’d 5 seconds later. I’d respect that person.

  • Veve

    The effort he went through was so not worth it. Lawd hammercy!!

  • Daisy Jay

    I tend to have expensive taste (on accident).

    For me, I just want the ring to look pretty. It could be simple or extravagent. But I wouldn’t want him to go couch-diving for rusted pennies just to afford a darn RING. That’s overboard.

  • JustAshley

    Dead @ Lil Wack


  • noble

    Wait there’s a Jewish holiday and everything gets shut down? Seriously yall need a Plan B (like in the event of Jewish holidays.) Smh

  • chrissy


  • Pretty Brown Eyes

    I would take what my baby could afford. Actually i told hubby not to kill himself giving me a big ole wedding when we could use that money to put a down payment on our house and have a bangin honeymoon. I swear its woman he expect too much out of men they be the reason you have some dudes on the hugging the block and robbing liquor stores. dude if she cant accept you for what you can give your love and what you can afford you dont need her. On to the next one.


    All-around PATHETIC.
    …and who wants to go in for a trolls’ sloppy seconds anyway ?!

  • Real

    this is sad, y’all should’ve kept this story. The person who leaked it look worse than the man reaching out. I don’t think it’s funny and whoever did this will have a bigger price to pay one day…. y’all keep doing your thing, it look like he still got his woman and she still got her ring…smdh crabs in a bucket

  • From Fl to Va Chick

    Well, somebody came through because she’s still wearing the ring. I’m sure he wanted to impress Toya but,honesty and a cheaper ring is more impressive.

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    I will not laff or say anythg negative

    It is always sad to see a man begging. Whoever released these emails are dirty, evil, & a backstabber

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    What he could afford

    Im not tryna marry any1 with a bunch of debt. No sir

    I would hope he had big aspirations so I would be getting an upgrade within 5yrs

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