Editor Janet Mock Reveals She Was Born a Boy

- By Bossip Staff editor and popular blogger Janet Mock revealed some shocking information in her interview with Marie Claire Magazine.

The 28-year-old editor opened up to the publication and admitted that she is transgender, and was in fact born a boy.

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    • kalifa

      he/she/it is very pretty though….

      too many homosexuals in the world though…. 😦

  • 7lady

    I swear he pretty. Coulda fooled me! They mustve shaved that brow bone down. Cuz mens are more prominent than ours. He looknice…i just hope he is honest with men so they can choose if they want to be involved with that.

  • LOL

    LOL her younger picture looks like Janelle Monet LOL

  • kemsey

    Sooo I guess it ain’t 6am like many speculated in the previous post. Pretty hair but his mouth is manish, sorry.

  • dragongirl

    If you look closely…you can see the manish in him….lose the hair and you can tell…women’s features are different…and if you were around him on a daily basis you would definitely tell this is a man….they can perpetrate…that’s all the can do is pretend because they will never be what they were not born to be…what a waste of life!!


    LOL you can tell a lot of y’all bytches jealous cuz y’all know (s)he’s prettier than you.

    • Dre

      bahahahahah, that was awesome!

  • kemsey

    WOW, lol!

  • DJ's Mom

    Chasity Bono (now Chaz) should have went to her doctor. Very pretty.


    She’s pretty.

  • killakamilla

    black men have a genetic defect that makes them want to be women. they are born that way. they hate black women but want to be them at the same time.

  • Dre

    lol, and hey some people are born with extra chromosomes, technically making them neither, nicely said!!!

  • ShawnNeverSttles

    I must say this is a beautiful woman, man or whatever, had I not been told, I would have thought it was a natural woman.

    • dragongirl

      get the crap out of your eyes…and again…look closely…no wonder men are always duped by these “things”….men don’t even recognize their own gender..DAMN!!

    • ShawnNeverSettles

      No get the crap out of YOUR eyes,….you should have known I was a woman, most males spells thier names SEAN……LMBO
      BTW, How are you upset with me for having MY opinion…
      Now go feel CRAZY, just like you LOOK……You are a mess…lol

  • homicidalbrainiac

    Well, since you have no hell in which to put anyone, perhaps you should leave the judgment to your God. I have a correction to make in my 2nd post: after reviewing some old biology texts, I discovered I was incorrect about only birds being the only animals with opposite chomosonal configurations than humans. My bad.

  • nu2deepmami

    The point is what?

  • Yeah. . .I said it!

    She is beautiful. I really like her hair. I wonder what’s up with the hair? Is it weave, natural, s-curl? Just tell me how did you get your hair to look like that. It is cool!

    As far as the tranny thing. . .who cares? Some of these hating hoes need to take some tips from her. Maybe she could show them how to look more like a beautiful woman instead of hateful gorillas!

  • Candid Canuck


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