EFF An Internet Thug: Hacker Goes H.A.M. With Tiny’s Twitter – Breaks Up With T.I., Goes In On Rihanna And Bomb Threats The White House

- By Bossip Staff

If you weren’t on Twitter last night you missed out on some WILD tweets from Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, AKA Mrs. T.I.’s account. The only thing is… they weren’t coming from her! Some hacker went BALLS TO THE WALL saying some stuff folks might agree with and other stuff that could have resulted in a visit from the Secret Service. Check out the tweets below:

Keyshia Cole, Rihanna, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj were all the receiving end of some pretty vicious messages:

SMH… What the hell????

There are some that we actually think are worse, believe it or not. Check them out on the next page.

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  • AnaLisa

    This was so silly! People can be really immature!!

    You never know who Rihanna is talking to when she tweets. I don’t think that Riri believe those hateful tweets were really from Tiny.

    • kalifa

      that mess is funny…LOL 🙂

      “chris almost beat you dead and you still talking to him:…. 🙂

    • audi

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  • yeah yeah

    Must have been a Bey stan

  • daresay

    hahahahahahahahaha – the hacker was funny

  • JustAshley

    LOL! The hacker sounds, young, female and I’m guessing English isn’t her first language. LOL SMH.

  • Ms. Gottabody

    If rihanna actually beleived the sweet tiny made that tweet towards her then she is dumber than she looks! 4real

    • kemsey


  • ThickLikeCornbread

    Tht was funny

    Im so sick of Rihanna POPPING OFF AT THE MOUF. Smbdy needs to check this bytch!

  • Trina

    Some people are so stupid and have nothing else to do but fuk with other people. So glad that most people can see through the bulls*t that these azzholes put out. Just hope their azz can take it when others give them a dose of their own medicine. I’m glad Tiny was able to clear it up……..to all the haters do the world a favor and go kill yourselves………a bunch of rat faced b*tches.

  • Muffy

    Lol. Rihanna do be gettin’ fresh out the mouth. But the things she says are funny sometimes and so true. Ppl need to stop looking up to celebrities as role models.

    But anyone with a brain should have known tiny’s account was hacked. That person was goin’ in though

  • faebae

    Lol the hacker was funni. But why hack tinys account??? Of everybody?

  • Daisy Jay

    Just saying how I feel 😀

  • JaZzIe91

    wow… SMH. People have too much time on their hands.

  • uhohitslelani@aol.com

    ohhhhh is it really that big of a deal???? The only thing I found stupid was the whole “white house,Obama” thing. As far as everyone else,it was funny

  • rudie

    STFU yall, why in the hell do you lame azz people think that you can tell Rhianna what to say, do or how to act. Yall believe everything that is said about her so if she wanna believe that “a drug induced miss piggy looking ho , who is famous because she blows TI’s Dik” , oh please, why don’t yall say the same thing when Chris Brown was cussing out anyone who said anything about him and inviting his team-dummies to attack any haters . Please yall too damn one sided.

  • Booger Bear

    The threats against the White House should definitely be investigated. But who gives a damn about the rest?

  • King Beef


  • rain


  • Fear of a Black Nation

    They knew it wasnt her on the fact that the hacker spelled all the words correctly

    • http://www.twitter.com/mscreative1 mscreative


  • http://www.twitter.com/mscreative1 mscreative

    Damn that hacker went to the left with the mess he/she was posting!

  • Mmaria

    My question is how did Tiny get access into her account after they hacked into it?

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    Awwwww Tiny, c’mon now! It was your daughter but we won’t tell. Your secrets safe with us!

  • fjh

    Rihanna was talking to Tiny!…
    The hacker said “you’re not going to make it” And she said “you’re a tad late, #alreadymadeit.#Racksonracksonracks.
    Meaning she is rich and famous already.

    That girl got a smart mouth. I guess she think she big and bad now because chris brown beat her LMAO! She cant let nothing go. You can already tell she easy to get mad……….

    • rudie

      wtf , she is big and bad. definitely have more money and fam than ur pathetic azz. Why dont you go in on Chris Brown when he cusses out bloggers.

  • G.M.

    LMAO @ the hacker…all that sh1t was great except the bombing of the president but those chris brown comments was funny as sh1t.

  • chrissy

    i c

  • http://facebook.com/IHeartBlaqueJade Blaque Jade

    Thats funny but it gets the side eye

  • I don't believe you TINY!

    Side eyeing Tiny and Sandra Rose!!

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