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Unless you’re clocking major figures straight out of college (or your parents are), or have been saving your milk money, allowance and birthday monies since you were a kid, chances are, as a young adult, you’re not lucky enough to be living alone. Don’t get me wrong, you’re still a big girl, and an independent one, but everybody’s got to start somewhere. But doesn’t it seem like living with people is getting harder than ever? I’ve lived with a young woman with no job and nothing better to do with her time, who failed to reveal to me when I moved in that she was married–and her husband would be living with us. And in college I had a roommate who wanted the lights out, T.V. off and everything, by 11 p.m., as well as a roommate who didn’t know what mold was and why it showing up in her dirty glasses. And that’s just a few roommates from hell. But not every house, condo, duplex or apartment co-occupant has to be the bane of your existence, and you definitely shouldn’t move into each living scenario with a negative mindset. As leases end and begin this summer and folks start subleasing, here are a few tips to making the best of out your living situation from the start, so you can make it to the finish.

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