Who Looked More Bangin??? BeyBey Vs. Kelly

- By Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland and her sister Beyonce both posed for the cameras in the press room at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards last night in Vegas. You know we gotta ask…

Who Looked More Bangin???

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  • Truth

    Neither,what’s with their legs?

    • audi

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    • E.C. from D.C.

      Blind much. KELLY all day.

    • E.C. from D.C.

      OOps. I put my email in wrong the first time.

  • OBVIUOSLY.........


    • ceewalk

      Oh it is not hate sweetie…it is boredom and the fact that she worships Satan doesn’t help either…lololol

  • tina

    its always gonna be Beyonce….its all bout Bey…Bey Bey Bey… regardless who stands next to her… Bey makes everyone look ugly!!!!

  • Heartless_cutie

    Mornin..I think they both look great..Why does it always have 2 be a competition..I love both of these ladies..Go girls;)

  • mimi

    Why can’t Beyonce ever wear her OWN hair OR at least sport a better wig than this shit.
    Her hair looks disgusting.

  • rnbtrina

    I love both ladies but Kelly takes the crown with this one…She looks beautiful…Real live barbie doll


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  • Bey-Cause

    TeaM Kelly, Bey is PlayeD Out…LOL

  • Kim

    Kelly she looks natural and gorgeous.

    • uhohitslelani@aol.com

      I agree. Kelly looks more natural and comfortable in front of the camera

  • Lola

    How does Kelly look more natural? She has a wig and make up on just like Bey… Makes no sense but they both look amazing, hands down

  • Mrs. Rance

    Kelly looked better from head to toe. B’s same ole hairdo has been tiresome for years now, but now its at the point where its outdated. She has never been a fashionista which makes her that much more fierce. She’s That Chick without trying too hard in the stlye department.

  • ladyluck538

    Like them both, but love Kelly the most. That color is pretty against her skin, which looks like butta. Go head girl.

  • Chrisstiss

    Kelly!! Bey’s hair is triflin, and kellys body is sick!!

    • Yup

      I totally agree! Kelly looks good!

  • TrulyGolden

    I have to agree I am not feeling Beyonce’s hair, Kelly looks well put together I am going to have to say Kelly won this round.

  • TrulyGolden

    I would have to agree Beyonce’s hair is not on point she could have done something with those ends. Kelly looks well put together so I would say she won this round.

  • deesac

    How about booth look good hell they are childhood friends for life leave them alone.

  • ti

    Kelly always WAS the bomb! Still is!

  • http://blackforest.tumblr.com deidra

    beyonce is trying to look
    like a white woman

  • RC

    Bey looks old in the face but she has a lovely figure (although her legs are getting to be like her mom’s).

  • Kristie


    • veryfunny

      Kelly looked better and she didnt even have to wear black like some people.I Like the both of them though.

  • lucky



    Cloooose…but imma’ give this round to KELLY.There’s a rematch down the road I’m sure.

  • Debbie

    Both are smoking….!! Kelly is so damn pretty, vry vry sexc lady!!

  • uknoitsromaro

    Both women look really good

  • MzFitt

    Beyonce! Kelly had too much hair for her small face…she seemed uncomfortable on stage.

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