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Looks like Chicago is “back to life, back to reality”…

By the end of the Miami HEAT’s Game 3 win over the Chicago Bulls it was pretty clear Miami could smell blood in the water. The Bulls’ body language showed sheer deflation, and Chris Bosh and LeBron James were thumping their chests and barking at the crowd like they knew they’d already won the series.

And, one could argue, they sorta have.

While four potential remaining games gives Chicago more than enough opportunities to still win the series, the odds of them beating Miami three out of four times with the way both teams have been playing is a hard sell. Regardless of the odds, though, can the Bulls still win this series?

Right now it looks like things really could get broken down in a way that makes it seem as though Miami has too many guys that can score on their own, and Chicago just can’t find a way to shut all three of them down at once. In truth, the Bulls have been pretty good at keeping LeBron James and Dwyane Wade under control over three games, but there just hasn’t been an answer yet for Chris Bosh.

Carlos Boozer couldn’t guard him, so they stuck Joakim Noah on him. As it turns out, Joakim Noah can’t guard him, either. The man is playing unconscious basketball on the offensive end of the floor, and it won’t matter how good the defense is on Wade and LeBron; if Bosh is going to score 30+ a game, there’s just not a lot they can do.

The return of Udonis Haslem complicates things for Chicago, as well. Without him, Miami had to rely on their Big Three to break down the Bulls’ defense, and three guys really isn’t enough to do that consistently. Adding Haslem and that steady midrange jumper to the fray changes everything. Suddenly, Chicago’s D gets spread thinner, and all that does is make the HEAT superstars all that more super.

Chicago’s great hope, MVP Derrick Rose, has continually found himself sucked into Miami’s defensive pockets and simply can’t find as many ways to get to the rim. And when Derrick can’t get to the rim, he can’t find a rhythm. When he can’t find a rhythm, he’s hardly and MVP-caliber player.

Best record in the league, MVP winner, amazing defense, doesn’t mean a damn thing when you play against the Miami Lebron’s Heat. The Bull better figure out their life, because it looks like this thing is about to get out of hand.




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