2011 Billboard Awards Live Performance Gallery: Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Nas, And More (40+ Photos)

- By Bossip Staff

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  • Emma

    Not a Beyonce stan, but I must admit that her performance was great.

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    • Salina

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  • ShortStuff

    @Mrs. Rance I am too. She’s doing a really good job in my opinion & she’s only in her early 20s. I was really happy for her when she one her awards. Only thing about her that gets to me sometimes is the oversexed stuff. Feeling on her crotch & all that extra stuff. A little too much at times.

  • ShortStuff

    Oops i mean *WON*

  • QueenLove

    Was it just me or did Rih Rih as you call her, appeared a little bit bigger than usual. Her stomach and butt played an optical illusion in my head. I couldn’t tell which was what.

  • ShortStuff

    Cee-Lo’s was Boring & short….Mary J. Blige was ummm…ok but Lil Wayne look like He just got out of jail with the stuff he was wearing….Beyonce’s was iight, didn’t seem any different from her other ones for me, just my opinion…… Kesha…no comment…& the rest I didn’t see.

  • http://blackforest.tumblr.com deidra

    Rihanna has gotten sloppy
    due to her weight gain of chris brown succes seeing him doing good with his album makes her hungry beyonce looks washed out

  • dowahwah

    Beyonce did her thing. Rihanna once again looked skanky and was boring.

  • SOSO

    riri is such a skank lol

  • chrissy17

    okay didn’t like the girls world or girls rule song…Boooo

    I missed NAS das my boo…didn’t know he was going to be on there..

    RiRi- liked her performance was that Brittany Spears?

    Very Upset about Mary n Weezy…they cut the song short…Boooooooo

    Cee Lo wanted them to know he other songs besides F*ck You…lol….spinning his big azz on a piano….

  • luVn_liFe

    @ shortStuff…
    you missed nothing!Rhianna’s performance was the usual gyrating and howling the worst was when Britany helped Rhianna finish her performance,Dayyyum Britany is tired,tore down wore out and she’s a terrible dance/performer!

  • Kristie

    Loved, loved Beyonce’s performance. This performance and Single Ladies at the VMAs 2009 was the best.

  • philly vs new york

    Haters lol beyonce killed it last nigh …..

  • ShortStuff

    LOLOLOL @luVn_liFe….@chrissy17 LMAOOOO @ “spinning his big azz on a piano”….

  • tooreal

    it was ok, I jus hated the fact that everybody had to sing ova tha track, but overall it was alrighty

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  • Dreece

    last night was boring and i did not like anybody performance last night 😦 where has good music gone

  • Pinkcookiegoodies

    Mary J. Blige….That was my highlight of the night. The rest was typical. Seen it over and over again.

  • Dreece

    o and i did not see beyonce so i dont know how she did

  • Rodney

    Run The World is lyrically as whack as Rebecca Black’s Friday!
    She so killed the performance last night!! Guess who’s rising up the charts?

  • Shanice

    Anybody who says Rihanna was good is lying to themselves. One way you can tell someone’s real talent is through live performance. And Rihanna is not a good performer. Her dancing is weak, and vocals are bad.

    Idk what’s going on with Britney. She lip sync the whole night. And like someone else said her dancing has gotten weak.

    Beyonce was on point as usual πŸ™‚



  • bandreas

    Rihanna is NOT a dancer and nor do I expect her to. If I wanted to see dancing I would go to a club. that’s the problem we equate singers talent to how well they DANCE. Please take me back to the day when singers can stand there and do what they do–SING and slay the audience. Beyonce is so overated and personally, she dances ok–Ive seen better just off the streets.

  • walker

    Were all of the perfomers lip syncing?

  • http://bossip Glow


  • Hebrew92

    when Nicki brought that big skanky chicken on stage…i knew it was over for me 😦

  • JustAshley

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